5 Ways To Prevent Liver Disease

5 Ways To Prevent Liver Disease

Liver functions as a detoxifier of our body as it contains many powerful enzymes which help in breaking down harmful chemicals and toxins which are sometimes found in certain foods we eat. But,living on a poor diet for a long time can affect your liver badly and eventually cause some serious liver diseases which may even bring on death.

However, with proper steps and some simple changes in your lifestyle,you can prevent yourself from getting diagnosed with any kind of liver diseases. Below given are 5 ways to prevent liver diseases.

5 Ways To Prevent Liver Diseases

Avoid Excessive Alcohol And Recreational Drugs

Too much alcohol or any recreational drugs can cause some serious damage to your liver.Excess amount of alcohol in your body disrupts liver function by compromising its power to filter out harmful and toxic chemicals out of your body and eventually causes Cirrhosis.

alcohol consumption

If you suffer from alcohol addiction then it is obvious that you are prone to Cirrhosis and to prevent this you are required to cut down your daily alcohol intake completely and immediately.

Do Not Expose Yourself To Environmental Toxins

When you accidentally ingest harmful toxins then your liver starts working immediately to filter out those toxins out of your body.But, heavy ingestion of toxins can put immense pressure to your liver thereby making it incapable of filtering out the harmful toxins.

avoid toxic

So, it is important for you to keep yourself away from toxin chemicals like common pollutants, paint fumes or even smoke.You can also reduce the ingestion of harmful chemicals by using toxic aerosol sprays or other insect repellents in well-ventilated surroundings only.

Prevent Yourself From Hepatitis

Hepatitis is another liver disease which can seriously damage your liver and can even cause death if not treated at early stage. However, with some simple lifestyle changes and proper inoculations,you can save yourself from getting infected by hepatitis.


Do not use any contaminated needles or indulge in unprotected sex with anyone affected by this disease. Moreover, immunizing yourself against both Hepatitis A and B is the best way to prevent oneself from this disease.

Follow A Liver-friendly Diet

Besides cutting down on the intake of alcohol, following a liver-healthy diet will help you prevent yourself from liver diseases. Do not consume large amounts of food rich in protein or carbohydrate as excess of proteins in your body results in the formation of toxins and excess carbohydrates can deposit fats in your liver.

vitamin a

Also,try avoiding processed foods which contains high amount of sodium which can also be harmful for your liver.

Examining The Side-effects Of Your Medications

Before taking your prescribed drugs or over-the-counter drugs,it is necessary to examine the side-effects associated with it as many medications carry side-effects like hepatic damage or liver toxicity. If possible, try natural remedies instead of prescribed drugs and also maintain a healthy and fit body by regular exercise.


Following the above mentioned ways will not only prevent you from getting infected by liver diseases but will also prevent you from many other health disorders.