Top 6 Natural Remedies For Pain

6 Natural Remedies For Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain tend to rely on painkillers for pain relief but prolonged use of pain killers can affect your health severely. It has been proved that pain killers or any anti-inflammatory drug can damage your digestive tract leading to serious bleeding ulcers.

Moreover, according to latest studies it has been found that pain killers can seriously affect your blood circulatory system leading to various heart diseases. However, there are many natural remedies available for chronic pain which can be as effective as painkillers but without the harmful side-effects.

Natural Remedies For Pain

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is laced with anti-inflammatory qualities which deliver an immense relief if you are going through any kind of muscle pain or arthritis pain.


It is found in yellow mustard and curry powder and you can also have it by adding it as spice to your food or as a capsule. Besides pain, this herb also prevents various other health disorders and is very beneficial for your skin.

Boswellia and Its Medicinal Properties

Boswellia is another herb which has been found to have pain relief properties. Although it is not normally used as a spice but you can find it in many health food stores as supplements.
Like turmeric, it also gives you relief from pain and regular use of this herb also helps in preventing the occurrence of pain in the future.


Vitamin D and Its Qualities

People with muscle or joint pain should always supply their body with enough Vitamin D as deficiency of this vitamin can make your pain worse.

vitamin d

You also get large supply of Vitamin D for free by just exposing yourself to sun for five or ten minutes during sunny days. It is a great and healthy way to obtain Vitamin D which not only works as a pain relief but is also good for your skin.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics which is very good for joint pain or cardiovascular health.Fish oil contains the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fat which helps in decreasing your pain.

fish oil

Fish oil liquid and fish oil capsules can be found in any health stores, supermarket or drugstores and there is absolutely no harm in taking fish oil in an adequate amount every day.

Cherries and Its Effects

Cherries, cherry concentrate or cherry juice can also help in relieving joint pain.Latest researches reveal that certain compounds found in cherry can easily counteract the effects of arthritis pain and since it can be obtained easily and also taste good, you can have it every day to relieve your pain.


Pectin with Grape Juice

Plant pectin (Certo) and grape juice can also bring immense relief to your pain. For better and quick result, drink one glass of grape juice mixed with plant pectin twice a day continuously until your pain disappears.

grapes juice

We all know that chronic pain can be very difficult to deal with and so most of the people go for prescribed pain killers instead of natural remedies although in many cases natural remedies can be more effective in bringing relief than prescribed drugs without risking your body to harmful side-effects.