Top 6 Natural Treatments For Cholera

Natural Treatments For Cholera

Cholera is a kind of stomach infection which is caused by bacteria. Infection sets in the small intestine by the bacteria called Vibrio cholerae which resulted in severe watery diarrhea and vomiting. Other symptoms include dehydration, vomiting, leg cramps, rapid heart rate and even death. The bacteria are contaminated through food and water which makes the immune system very weak. Babies and young children are mostly at risk in case of cholera. Highest deaths have been reported in these age groups across the world. So it has to be prevented in the initial stage of occurring. It is caused by poor sanitation, lack of proper cleaning of vegetables and several other factors. Severe cholera may need some medical attention, but in moderate cases, it can be cured with some natural medicines.

Natural Treatments For Cholera

Take Fresh Lemon Or Lime Juice

Lemons and limes are known to have antibacterial properties and are a good source of vitamins and minerals, which your body needs when you suffer from any infection. Put some fresh lemon or lime juice to your drinking water to protect your body against infection. It will provide you the necessary salt and bodily fluid which has been lost due to cholera. Thereby helps you curing your cholera problem.


Cucumber Juice

Fresh cucumber juice is a great remedy to minimize the symptoms of cholera. It will provide the lost acids in order to fight against the bacteria and can satisfy the severe thirst of an infected patient. Peel one cucumber in full and make juice out of it and drink as much as you can. It will be more effective if you add some amount of onion to the mixture. Being a natural source as well as used in our daily life for the making of salad, cucumber can also be taken in its raw form.

Cucumber juice

Guava Root Extracts

The root of guava plant is a powerful alternative to treat cholera. It contains tannins, a type of biomolecules which can control the vomiting and diarrhea among cholera patients. Boil down properly the root extracts of guava till it gets diluted. Take the preparation twice in a day. The tendency of vomiting and diarrhea will be significantly reduced through the use of this remedy.

Guava root extract

Prepare A Paste Of Red Pepper And Honey

Try to mix an equal amount of red pepper available in powdered form with honey and make a paste. Thereafter, make them roll into tiny pieces exactly like pea size. Then make them dry. Take such dry roll with maximum amount of vegetables and clean water at least two times in a day. It will help a cholera patient to recover from the physical weakness.

Red pepper and honey

Natural Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are an age-old remedy to treat dysentery and cholera. Some herbal teas particularly of ginger, oregano and mint can effectively treat the painful conditions of cholera patients. Do not put any milk and sugar while preparing herbal teas as they will make the herbs ineffective. Astringent herbs like blackberry leaves, cranes bill were used in ancient China to treat cholera. You can also use this remedy if you are suffering from cholera.

 herbal tea

Eat Coconut Water Mixed With Ice

Coconut Water

Coconut water can help to satisfy their thirst in cholera patients. If it is mixed with ice it will help to reduce the body temperature and will prevent the tendency to vomit. Cholera can be effectively prevented by adopting a clean water strategy and proper sanitation process. Take the cleanest of water and if possible boil them before consuming. Also make vegetables properly cleaned before cooking them as they are an easy source of bacteria.