5 Top Facts About HCG Weight Loss

5 Top Facts About HCG Weight Loss

Before getting into the details about HCG weight loss one must decipher as to what HGC is? HCG is known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is produced by the developing placenta of a pregnant woman consisting of syncytiotrophoblast. It was a British Endocrinologist who prepared a low calorie diet known as the HCG diet.

It is a low calorie weight loss diet program that operates o less than 500 calories a day. However, this method to reduce weight loss with help of HCG has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. There is no evidence suggesting that the HGC diet produces substantial results of weight loss in people.

The HCG Weight Loss Diet

Talking about how the HGC diet works one must point out that the HGC hormone supresses hunger and assists the body to use the existing fat as fuel for the body. The diet is catered to make the body consume only organic food with a content of not more than 500 calories. The food should be unprocessed food.

HCG Weight Loss Diet

This is to be followed up with HCG drops that can be taken orally. These drops are to be taken under the tongue. Injections are also available for the same. However, the issue here is that a human being requires nearly 200 calories a day to function normally. Calories running as low as 500 a day reflect a low calorie starvation diet.

The Plus and Minuses for the HCG Aficionados

The gains and losses of the HCG diet are extremely debatable. Yes, for people religiously working on the diet and following the routines and the norms it does lead to a plausible weight loss but the downside risks to the HCG diet are immense. This diet leads to major nutritional deficiencies and does not fulfil the needs of the body with respect to carbohydrates, fibres, fats and protein.

The Plus and Minuses for the HCG Aficionados

Ill Effects of the HCG Weight Loss Diet

Essential vitamins and minerals deficiencies are evident and do not reduce over time with the continuation of the HCG diet. The minimum calorie intake required for daily activities and to make the body function at optimum levels is around 1200-1500 calories a day.

Ill Effects of the HCG Weight Loss Diet

Thus, the body is starved and when the body is starved it leads to the existing body fat being used to carry out body functions along with muscle fat being used for basic activities. Losing muscle fat is not a good thing. It harms the body.

Is it worth to go for HCG Weight Loss?

The real truth about the HCG diet is that it sounds too good to be true. Losing weight cannot be as simple as it sounds. However, if for a minute you do assume that yes weight loss is being achieved, how does it help? The reason why the body is not actually being helped is that the risks are way more than theactual fat losing effects.

Is it worth to go for HCG Weight Loss

The costs are higher than the gains. Thus, The HCG diet is not worth the cost that the body has to bear. Even if one wants to try the HCG diet it should be tried only with due consultation of the family physician after checking up on the risks and strengths of your body.

Personal Experiences

Take the case of Renee, who along with her boyfriend tried the HCG diet and found no effect and weight loss to boast about. They claim even after completing the entire HCG treatment they witnessed no real weight loss and in fact whatever they had lost with little control climbed up in a matter of two weeks. The only good things the two of them learned out of it were their own control on food proportions.

Personal Experiences