Top Foods For Fertility

Fertility Foods Trying desperately to conceive without any fruitful results? Tried almost every other option in the rule book and still find yourself unable to become parents? Well apart from other reasons for being infertile (including health related illnesses and disorders or genetic traits), chances are your diet and lifestyle may be hampering your chances at parenthood.

You see, the way we lead our lives to a large extent determines how healthy (and fertile) we will be in the long run. Erratic lifestyles and improper eating habits are only a few of the factors that could lead to health related disorders, including infertility.

And even though there are plenty of standardized treatments and medical procedures to increase your fertility, they would work well only when coupled with an apt lifestyle and a proper diet that includes foods which would act as natural fertility boosters for both men and women.

Here are some foods that contain the magical quality to increase fertility. Including these foods in your diet would increase your chances of becoming parents soon enough!

Various Foods For Fertility

Green Vegetables

Fertility Foods

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Leafy greens can be one of the best known natural agents to boost fertility, especially in men. The folic acid present in green and leafy vegetables is known to aid in healthy sperm production in addition to preventing conditions like neural deficiencies and nervous system disorders in the fetus after fertilization.

The folic acid present in these vegetables also helps to promote the production of genetic material and red blood cells, which in turn help to increase fertility. Make it a point to add plenty of greens like avocados, spinach, collard greens, kale and watercress etc. to your existing diet for maximum benefits.

Pigmented Vegetables

In addition to eating plenty of green vegetables, make sure to opt for plenty of pigmented ones as well. These include squashes, carrots, pumpkins and other red hued vegetables. These vegetables contain beta carotene which aids in the healthy development of the eyes and brains.

Beta carotene is also a good source of Vitamin A which helps to nourish the tissues in the reproductive organs, thus making them healthier and more fertile.


Fertility Foods

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Stress can to a large extent affect your fertility and chilies help you combat just that. These spicy foods can help increase your fertility be leaps and bounds. The reason? They help to stimulate the senses and increase the circulation of blood throughout the body, including the genital regions. Chilies also contain a substance called endorphin which is known to calm the senses and reduce stress, thereby increasing fertility.

Nuts and Seeds

Healthy cell production is facilitated by the Vitamin E present in natural nuts and seeds. And so, adding these to your diet would make sure that your body remains healthy and trouble free (on the sexual front as well). Accordingly, you can have a regular helping of walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, sunflower seeds and safflower seeds for maximum benefits.


Fertility Foods

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If you love to eat fish, then make sure to add plenty of salmon to your diet. Salmon is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which is the major constituent of sperm. And in addition to stimulating hormone production, the omega 3 fatty acids present in salmon also act as major constituents in the developing fetus’s nervous system.

Citrus Fruits

Known to contain high amounts of Vitamin C, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and kiwi fruit etc. can help with both male and female fertility issues. The vitamin C present in these fruits helps to improve ovulation in women and sperm motility in men.


Fertility Foods

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One of the reasons for infertility happens to be low levels of manganese in the body. Eating pineapple in this case can increase the manganese levels in the body (pineapple is a very good source of manganese) and thus improve fertility. Accordingly, the increased levels of manganese in the body would help stimulate the production of certain enzymes that in turn produce reproductive hormones responsible for conception. So adding pineapple to your diet could potentially increase your chances of conceiving.

Important Points to Ponder

Whether it be dietary changes or lifestyle modifications, it is considered imperative that you start adopting these changes at least 4 months before you try to conceive. The reason for this is attributed to the fact that the sperm and egg that are produced for conception would reflect the health condition of the male and female (including hormone levels, stress levels, emotional factors, nutrition etc.) during the last 4 months. And so the health of the sperm and egg, and the resultant baby would depend on how healthy you were, and are today!

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