Top 3 Hairstyles For Men This Season

Top 3 Hairstyles For Men This Season

Many men, especially young men, who care a lot about their looks and pay a lot of attention to their hairstyle like to take the inspiration for it from their favorite celebrities. They want to stay current on their hairstyle and also like to change them quickly. Here are some of the top hairstyles of this season for men, which can be used to get a fashionable and stylish look.

Top Hairstyles For Men This Season

Spiky Short Hairstyle

Short spike hairstyle has become the most popular trend amongst young men this season. This is one of the best hairstyles for men because it is easy to wear and men with any face shape like square, round or diamond can wear them and look good, smart and stylish.

Many Hollywood actors and sports personalities have styled their hair in this manner. If your hair is short enough, then you can get the desired spikes using a little amount of styling gel. There can be various types of spikes from straight to messy and from tall to short. This style is not only easy to wear but very versatile also.

One of the popular variations of spiked hairstyle is Mohawk. This is a sharp pointed work of art on your hair with series of spikes on the center of your scalp.

Spiky Short Hairstyle

Variations can also be made according to your personal choice by following the same principles. You can either tilt your spikes on the side of your head or cover your head fully.

Covering the whole head with spikes is called liberty spikes as they resemble the spikes of statue of liberty. Another style of Mohawk is achieved by shaving the sides of hair, leaving the longer hair intact.

Spikes are made on the center of the head, starting from front to back. How tall and thick Mohawk will be will depend entirely on the length of your hair and your personal taste.

The Fan hawk is long and pointy strands directed upward. This style gives a rebellious look. The most common and popular Mohawk hairstyle is Faux hawk.

It is easy to maintain and style and can be done simply by bringing all the hair from front to back in the middle of the head to a focal point. This style has been adapted by British superstar David Beckham.

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Retro Hairstyle

Retro hairstyle is very much in fashion these days. The style of 60’s and 70’s has revived again. The old school boy’s hairstyle parted on one side is back, which our father and uncles used to have.

Retro Hairstyle

Short Waves / Short Curls

A curly and short hairstyle is a new trend this season. Those with curly hair can opt for something that is natural yet stylish. This Interlocked, entangled and messy hairstyle represents a relaxed lifestyle.

Short Waves

This is a natural hairstyle for those with naturally curly hair only. Don’t try fake curls. Ask your hair dresser to cut your hair shorter on sides and keep them longer on top. The length of course will be what suits you best. Provide each hair strand a curly bend.

As curly hair is prone to get frizzy, styling is must. To avoid this, use curl controller cream on your wet hair and use your fingers to entangle them. Do not use hardening gel for this hairstyle as they can coagulate and make the curls appear brittle.

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