5 Sex Positions For Maximum Pleasure


Sex Positions For Maximum Pleasure

Indulgence in sexual activities is a necessity for human body. It not only rejuvenates your entire body but also refreshes your mind. Sex after a long tiring day can be extremely helpful in getting rid of the mental and physical fatigue. With this, having sex with a docile partner also increases the pleasure derived from it.

Other than making love with an obedient partner, the other factor which proves to be crucial in gaining pleasure is the sex position. There are many position of lovemaking. Some of them are in our instincts and do not require any learning but some ask for training and guidance. Mentioned below are the top sex positions which have been tested and voted the best by couples around the world so try them wisely.

Top Sex Positions For Maximum Pleasure

The Scandinavian

Under this you have to lie down, while your partner climbs upon you with her bare back towards your eyes. The insertion is easy and your partner does all the work by moving to and fro on you.You can hold her back and caress her back along with her breasts. She can freely play with you penis and scrotum to increase the joy.


Make you partner lie on her back and hold both her legs with your hands. Spread them wide, lift her and penetrate her slowly by sitting on your knees. Move slowly on your knees to penetrate her deeply.This position is highly erogenous for males. Make you partner comfortable by keeping some cushions under her buttocks and caressing her legs gently with your soft kisses.

The Basket

The Chair

Sit on a comfortable chair with no arm rests and make your partner sit on your lap. Insert her slowly but do not make her sit completely. She should stand on her legs and control the thrusts as you both rush towards the climax. Your hands are free to play with her nipples and caress her clitoris while she stimulates you with slow steady movements. This is a highly recommended and easy sex position which ensures deep penetration and equally high pleasure.

The Chair

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The Basket

For this sex position you need to sit on the bed with your partner on your lap and her legs on your sides. Keep your legs straight or curved for better balance and let your partner ride you till climax.She will control the movement while you can kiss her torso and fondle her breasts with your free hands. Again, you get deep in her in this position and therefore it tops the best sex position charts.

The Spider

You need to sit on the bed with your legs outstretched. You partner should sit astride you and let you penetrate her. Then while you sit steady with your hands balancing your inclined back, she would do all the work by rocking slowly. The hands of both you and your partner are not free for action in this position, but still you would enjoy this session as you would love to see her tender breasts sway with her every subtle move.


There are numerous other sex positions that are highly pleasurable but as they are difficult to perform, their popularity does not match their counterparts. So, experiment with the above mentioned positions and spark your sex life to the fullest.