Top Six First Date Tips

First Date Tips Planning to go on a first date with a girl you really like but nervous about making any wrong moves? Worry no more as here is a list of first date tips that can come quite handy if you want the first date to have a lasting impression.

Although it’s best to conduct the first date in a casual manner, it wouldn’t be a good idea to appear too laid-back if you do not want to spoil your chances of the date developing into a fruitful relationship. However, just by keeping few things in mind, you can not only make a positive first-impression but also ensure that you have a great time.

Top 6 First Date Tips

Keep the Date Simple

While going out with someone for the very first time, the best thing is to keep it simple by avoiding planning anything too fancy. The basic idea of a first date is to get to know each other better and realize whether you both actually share an easy chemistry. It is natural that you might be nervous before a first date and having intricate plans can make things a little more difficult for you.

Be your Chivalrous Self

Chivalry is an attribute that attracts female attention like no other. If you really intend to play your cards right then make sure that you are your chivalrous best on the day to create a good impression on your date.

Simple gestures like allowing her to exit first, pulling out her chair or holding the door for her can help you start your date in the best possible manner.

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Let the Conversation Flow

It is very important to have an easy and interesting conversation to make sure that both of you have a good time. Try to keep the conversation light and do not intrude too much into her personal life. Asking about her past relationships or indulging in too intimate talks can wreck everything.

Do not go on speaking only for the sake of carrying on the conversation but instead encourage her to speak about her life and her interests.

Be Attentive

The worst impression that you can possibly make on your date is by looking distracted or preoccupied. During the date, pay attention to what she says and respond well to what is being said. It might be a better idea to switch off your mobiles if it rings too often as it might hinder the normal flow of conversation and put off your date.

Dress for the Occasion

Given the fact that it is the first date, it is very crucial to dress appropriately to create a good impression. In a bid to look your best, do not end up wearing something you are not comfortable in. Opt for something that makes you feel at ease and this would also boost your level of confidence.

Be Yourself

In order to impress the girl, refrain from faking and pretending to be someone else. Capitalize on your high points and just be yourself without any pretence to have a lasting impression on your date. Also, do not indulge in excessive self-bragging to impress her as it can have quite the opposite effect.