Top Ten Places To Propose

Every day numerous men pour their heart out to the women they love. They express their desire to spend the rest of their lives with those pretty damsels. They try and make that moment absolutely breathtaking for the gal so that she can think of nothing but fall into the arms of the man before her accepting his proposal.

Many men spend many sleepless nights wondering how to make that moment so special. But not all men are born creative geniuses. Despite long deliberations and contemplations, they find themselves amidst confusion. But, there is no need to worry guys. The place you pick to offer your heart to the gal has a role to play in her reaction. So mentioned below are the top ten best places where you can propose to a gal and hope for an answer in affirmative.

Best Places To Propose

A Beach

A vast unending sea merging with the blue horizon, a brightly shining sun spreading his warmth all around and a set of joyous people having a gala time all around you.

Top Ten Places To Propose

What can be a better place to exhibit your emotions than this? Take the gal you fancy out on a beach errand. Pick a perfect moment, grab her hand and tell her you love her, not worrying about the answer.

Under Water

Although a little difficult to arrange and not so common, but a marvellous place to pop up the question. Any girl will fall for you, if she sees the extent to which you are ready to go to make her feel special. All you need to do is to persuade her for an under-water activity. Take her consent, arrange for the venue and give it a shot. Don’t hesitate because of a little cumbersome arrangement, after all, where there is a will there is a way.


You can choose to invite your woman over a dinner or a lunch date at a nice restaurant. Once she is settled and comfortable, express yourself convincingly.

Top Ten Places To Propose

Preferably do it at the end of the date, so as to avoid any awkwardness in case she declines your proposal. You should keep everything mellowed down as a set up like this can intimidate any gal. Make her feel completely at ease.

Hills Or Valley

You can make a plan to visit any nearby hill station with your friends including the gal you like. On the trip, steal her from the group for a few hours. Take her out on your own at a beautiful place you are familiar with. Spend some quality time with her and then just pour your feelings out in the most romantic fashion.

Don’t over react in case unfortunately, the answer is not what you expected. Do not let the rest of the trip be affected by any negativity. But in case she accepts, make it the best first prolonged date of her life with you.

At Home

Proposing to a gal at her own place works great only when she stays alone or with friends. Otherwise, do a bit of home work and find out the hours when she is alone. Send her a beautiful bouquet of red roses at her abode.

Top Ten Places To Propose

Follow up the move by paying a visit at place with another bouquet. Flatter her with your cute gestures and give her a card or a present. Take her by surprise and open your heart to her.

In The Car

It might not sound very romantic at first. But if you put in a little effort, it can be an absolutely awesome place to propose to a gal. It works especially well if she is a friend as she would hardly be expecting something like this. Take her out on a drive, create a romantic ambience from the start, play a nice romantic love songs CD and pick a route which is not so frequented. But make sure not to freak her out. Stop the car at a beautiful and not-so-busy spot, and shower her with gifts, cards and chocolates. Be as tender and romantic as you can be.


While the girl is busy relishing the movie on the screen, discreetly tilt your head a bit towards her and whisper the golden words in her ears. She will definitely be awestruck and then you should hold her hand and help her seep it in.

Top Ten Places To Propose

For a perfect timing, you can do the honours during a romantic scene itself. You can pop up a ring and close the deal with the final act.

Picnic Spot

You can make a casual plan of a hang-out with the woman you want to propose to. Pick any place of her choice. It can be an amusement park, any garden, any art gallery, any historical monument or any other picnic spot. It can be mountain cliff or a beautiful point with a great view. Start talking mushy and romantic. When you find the ambience and the feel to be right, just do it. Don’t forget to be your chivalrous best.


When a man proposes to a gal, it is a special moment for her. But it can become all the more magical for her if she finds herself in the middle of water. Book a ferry, a cruise, a beautiful boat, a shikara or anything that you like and take the woman of your dreams there. Kneel down and blurt out the magical words during sun set. Leave the rest on the beautiful view and the Love God.

A Romantic Tourist Spot

This works out even better if you are proposing to the girl for marriage. There is no dearth of places which are the epitomes of love in the literal sense. The Taj Mahal, Gateway of India, India Gate, Eiffel Tower, the city of love ‘Rome’, Brooklyn Bridge and many more are the right places for you to complete your love stories or start afresh. So guys, now you must be sure that it needs more than just feelings to propose to a girl. It requires a bit of planning and a perfect venue. We hope it helps your cause.

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