Top Ten Sex On The Beach Beaches

Couples looking for the best retreat to revamp their sex life and add spice into their physical relationship have to look no further. How many of you have imagined having sex on the beach with a care free environment, secluded in a corner of the world with only the sky above you?

Sex On The Beach Beaches

Here below are listed the top ten secluded beaches to have your wildest and passionate love making session.

Top 10: Beaches To Have Sex On 

Poles Bay

Poles Bay in Kea, Greece is one of the most secluded beaches in the world.

Poles Bay

Surrounded by wilderness, tall mountains and crystal clear water, makes Poles Bay an ideal place for couples to spend an erotic evening under the setting sun.

White Bay Beach

A tiny part of The British Virgin Island known by the locals as the White Bay Beach is without a doubt a first class destination for young couples to boost their sexual relationship. Small private huts can be booked hourly or for the day where you and your partner can relish the pleasures of life.

Sunset Beach

Sunset beach in Oahu, Hawaii is a renowned couples retreat. Beaches in Hawaii have always been termed as the sexiest beaches in the world.

Sunset Beach

The Sunset Beach provides couples with breath taking view, a mojito in one hand and soothing mandolin music. Here you can explore your wildest sexual fantasies at leisure.

Store Beach

Store Beach in Sydney, Australia is highly recommended by couples in vacation. This is a place where couples can enjoy sex without the hustling and bustling of surfers and families. It is mostly deserted and hardly visited by the local population, making it a perfect place for couples to enjoy uninterrupted sex.

Mondello Beach

Italy has always been a classy destination for couples looking to restore their sex life.

Mondello Beach

It is a romantic destination and Mondello beach Palermo makes for a fascinating destination for all your erotic pleasure. The gorgeous sunset between the tall mountains is undoubtedly a beautiful sight to behold.

Majahuitas Cove

Mexico has not been known to titillate your sexual orgasm, however, the Majahuitas Cove in Puerto Vallarta proves otherwise. One of the most favored destinations for couples, this cove is only accessible via boat and clean turquoise water adds to the already stunning backdrop. The cool breeze, the swaying trees and the calm sound of the ocean makes it a flawless destination for amazing sex.

Wildcat Beach

California was always on the map for couples looking for an erotic vacation.

Wildcat Beach

The Wildcat Beach, which is about a 30 minutes drive from San Francisco, is a Cliffside beach which is deserted most of the time. It makes for a fabulous retreat for all your erotic pleasures.

Pink Beach

One of the most popular sex on the beach beaches in the world is the Pink Beach in Antigua in the Caribbean. This not only makes for an exotic destination for couples of all ages but also provides a feeling of solitude from the rest of the world. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for some loving then nothing will.

Colombier Beach

When couples think of the best sex they ever had, they think of none other than Colombier Beach in St. Barth.

Colombier Beach

It is one of the most secluded beaches in the world and the beautiful blue ocean on the backdrop makes for an amazing erotic hideaway.

Koh Phi Phi Island

Thai beaches have been a prevalent destination for singles and couples to explore sex on the beach. The Koh Phi Phi Island in Phuket is the one sanctuary which stands above the rest. This beach was popularized by a Leonardo DiCaprio flick known as The Beach. The island serves the purpose for all couples looking for a sensual and stimulating vacation.