Top Three Lower Pectoral Exercises

lower pectoral exercises Pectoral is the scientific name given to the chest muscles and the area surrounding it. If you are a fitness freak or have worked out in the gym even once, you know how body builders work hard to get those chest muscles in shape.

Big bulging chest muscles sure improve your outer appearance and at the same time they also make your clothes suit and fit you. There are many pectoral exercises that can be performed by a gym goer because of the availability of the training equipment in a gym.

At the same time, there are many a colleagues to help you out while you exercise so the chances of injury or muscle tear are less. In here, we will discuss top three Lower Pectoral exercises that can be performed easily in a gymnasium.

Top Three Lower Pectoral Exercises

Incline Barbell Bench Press

This is the most effective and popular exercise for chest area enlargement. To perform this, warm up a little and then lay down on a bench. A bench with the barbell rack would make it easier for you to exercise.

Otherwise, ask a colleague or friend to help you with the weight. Do not pull heavy weight at first, start with less weight and then move on to heavy ones.

incline barbell bench press

Again, the idea here is to not just pull heavy weight so do not pull as much weight as you can. Relax well between sets and drink water or some juice. Try three sets of five reps to start with and slowly increase the numbers.

Chest Press Machine

This comes second in the list after the Barbell bench press. This exercise is mostly considered as the last exercise of the pectoral work out. To perform this, sit on the machine without a bend in your spine. Hold the grabs firmly, inhale and then start pushing.

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This exercise works well on your lower pectorals and completes the pectoral exercise cycle. As stated above, start with low weight and increase it steadily.

best Lower Pectoral Exercises

Sit firm and make sure you do not include your spine while exercising. Chest press machine is a favorite of many and it sure pumps your chest like no other exercise does. Learn from some experienced colleague and try your hand on this today.

Dumbbell fly

This is another of the most popular and worked on lower pectoral gym exercise. This works out best on the surrounding area of your chest and provides it the much awaited full look.

For the first few weeks, ask your colleagues to help you out with this one. Lie firm and still on a bench then hold dumbbells on both your hands. Inhale and pull both your hands slowly into the air.

Three Lower Pectoral Exercises

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Maintain a smooth motion and do not rush. All the exercises need patience and that is how your body starts to show signs of improvement. Add variations to this exercise by inclining or declining yourself on an elevated bench and add weight gradually.

Try these top three exercises and watch your chest area enlarge into the shape you had dreamt of. Exercise regularly, safely and maintain a healthy diet to ensure the supply of the right nutrients to the body. Sleep well and enjoy a healthy life!

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