Top10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Relationship is as delicate as a budding plant that requires care and nurturing when it is new so that it grows to become strong and everlasting. However, when a plant grows to become a big tree it may not require the initial tending but it will still need air and sunlight.

Similarly, when a relationship becomes strong and old it may not require the reassurance that was needed in initial stages to build the trust and faith but it will forever need the love, passion and romance to keep it alive and everlasting. The 10 proven ways to improve your relationship discussed hereafter will give you an insight on how you can keep the love and romance alive forever.

How To Increase Your Relationship

Rekindle Romance

Romance is an essential need for a relationship irrespective of it being old or new. There can be unavoidable ups and downs in a relationship which is very natural. But romance can help you in many ways by keeping the intimacy and passion intact.

Top10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Romance can help you to feel refreshed even if you are under lot of stress due to daily hassles and work pressures. Romance doesn’t require lot of effort. Just appreciating each other, doing little things to make your partner happy and trying to impress can create lot of positive difference to your relationship.

Improve Friendship With Each Other

Friendship is the strong base for any relationship and if you can build and maintain a strong friendship with your partner then any problem can be solved much more easily. Friendship develops when you spend quality time together, share interests and dreams and above all show mutual trust and respect.

Friendship is about having fun just like children do and you should also allow you to become kids once in a while. Life can be much more easy and fun when you have a good friend and nothing can be better if your partner is your best friend!

Live In The Present

Relationships often get sour due to past misgivings or bitterness that might have happened between the partners for some reason. If you are together at present and both of you love each other and want the relationship to work then you have to let go the past and make a fresh start.

Top10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Forgive your partner if you were hurt and ask for forgiveness if you have hurt her. Accept the fact that in spite of past problems the relationship is dearer to both of you which is most important.

Enumerate The Good Times Rather Than The Bad

A good way to improve your relationship and appreciate each other is to enumerate the good things about your partner and also the good times you spend together.

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There can be both good and bad times in your relationship but enumerating and harping only on the good can boost your relationship positively.

Do Chores Together

In today’s fast paced life one of the most significant detrimental factor to a relationship is lack of time spent together. While you both may be very busy with your own careers by being neck deep in work pressure and dead tired when you are back home yet you can devise ways to spend most quality time even during the short time you can be together during the day.

Top10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Do chores together, cook together and exercise together. This way the burden gets divided as you both maturely share responsibilities while being together.

Show Care And Empathy

Even when you are tired try and show empathy to your partner. Give her a relaxing massage or volunteer to help her in her share of chores. Your love and warmth will invoke the same feelings in your partner and you will also receive the same empathy and care or may be even more.

Improve Listening Skills

Top10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Listening is a very important skill that helps you in several ways. If you listen to your partner intently you show her importance and it also gives you a clarity regarding her thoughts, her feelings and her impressions regarding you.

Communicate More And Clearly

Communication is a very important aspect that improves and saves a relationship. Two people can be physically together yet they may not communicate properly thus creating unfathomable distance between them. On the other hand even if you are physically apart but if you communicate either through phone calls, emails or chats it will keep you both bonded together forever.

Control What You Say In Anger

Top10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Arguments and anger outbursts are a natural part of relationships but you should have the wisdom and judgment about what you blurt in anger during an argument. The argument may be over soon but hurtful words uttered in anger can never be taken back and this badly hampers a relationship.

Plan Dates And Holidays With Your Partner

Go for dates and holidays with your partner as both of you will get a break from daily life and you can focus on spending quality time with each other.

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