Treat Burps At Home With Effective Remedies

home remedies for burps Burps are natural but also very embarrassing if you do that loud in public. Many people cannot help but burp despite being in a crowd. It is something that cannot be controlled when it comes but definitely try to avoid it through effective remedies at home.

How our digestive system reacts depends on the food we eat. Of course it is not an ailment that needs an immediate doctor’s attention instead it happens when we swallow air.

Why Do We Burp?

Swallowing air causes us to burp. The air goes down in our body and comes out from the place it entered which is the mouth. It sucks in the excess air from the body. When do we burp? Well there air in our stomach that travels towards the esophagus helping it to release from the mouth. Ever felt very heavy after eating on an empty stomach?

That’s because the empty stomach is like a gas balloon. Once you start filling it the air tries to push upwards and comes out through the mouth. Burping, also known as belching is a normal health condition which in a way is good for the digestive system. Too much air will make you feel bloated like a gas balloon not forgetting the big belly along with it.

Why do People Make Such a Ruckus About Burping?

Yes, if you do anything beyond limits is always bad therefore if you’ve been burping too much or abnormally you might want to try out some great home remedies or visit a doctor if not cured. As mentioned above, the easiest way to control the intensity of burping is the food we eat. Know your stomach; know what suits your system. Many people have tendencies to start burping if they have certain food item.

Not-to-do List to Avoid Burps

Burps are caused due to excess air therefore a logical step towards avoiding burps is to avoid eating anything that aggravates it. Therefore smoking is a strict no-no. Not only it leads to causing life threatening diseases like cancer but also adds to the air in the stomach. When you feel you have to burp, try not to. However if one is used to burping or have excess burping tendency he/she will not be able to do much about it.

Did you know too much chewing can cause you to burp? Yes surprising it may sound but chewing candies or gums can cause the extra air to go from your mouth to stomach hence burping invariably. If you have undergone teeth treatment like fitting dentures make sure it has been fixed well if not then go to the doctor. Air gets into your mouth with improper teeth settings while talking and chewing.

Things To do to Avoid Burping

Eat while your mouth closed is the basic manners taught when we were kids. Make it a habit that you aren’t making noise or chewing with your mouth open. It helps to keep away the air to enter your mouth and then stomach.

Eat slowly with your mouth closed. Chew a lot and do not let air in your mouth. Can be difficult but practice makes a man perfect. Take it easy while walking or jogging because panting or breathing fast unnecessarily heightens intake of air.

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Drinking sodas adds air. Any fizzy drinks have carbon dioxide which is harmful for the body. Do your breathing exercises. Long inhale and exhale in the wee hours lets you breathe fresh air which does wonder for your mind and body.

Here’s a list of Effective Remedies That you can Apply at Home to Bid Bye To Burps:

Cure Burps With Ginger

Boil a cup of water. Add ginger and brew it for 5 minutes. Strain and add adequate lemon juice. It is really great to treat burps. Drink before every meal to avoid burps.

Treat Burps at Home with Lemons

We all know how essential lemon is. Not only it adds taste to our food but also helps to get rid of many health related problems such as burps. All you need to do is mix lemon juice and ½ spoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Drink after every meal for better results. It curbs the sir to travel to the esophagus thus avoid burping.

Effective Papaya Remedy for Burps

Papaya works excellent for skin. It helps to clean the stomach. Papaya contains Papain, a great source of nutrition that avoids you to burp. Eat a bowl of ripe papaya every morning and you will be amazed to see how much difference it makes.

The Ultimate Yoghurt Remedy For Burps

Eat a bowl full of yoghurt whenever you sit to have your meals. Yoghurt keeps your stomach cool, helps in digestion and keeps away the excess air to reach the stomach. Yoghurt is a must try home remedy for burps.

Did you know your kitchen is full of helpful spices to get rid of burps? Yes, next time you experience trouble burping all you need to do is go straight to the kitchen and look for roasted cumin seeds. Mix it with fennel and celery seeds and eat this mixture. Drink a glass of warm water over it and wait for the instant relief. Heard of caraway seeds? It is one of the best spices to help you get rid of burp quickly.

You can use it as a spice in your salad. It cools your stomach and cures excessive burping. If the above two spices didn’t work try peppermint. It is easily available and more so to make it. Take one spoon of peppermint and boil it with water. Drink this after every time you eat. There is nothing as refreshing like peppermint to cure the annoying burps.

Aren’t the remedies easy and quick? Try it at home and write your feedbacks. Have happy meals by following some of the great home remedies and precautions to avoid burps. You can also enlighten with other treatments you know about. It’s always good to share!