Treat Headaches At Home With Effective Remedies

How many of us complain of mild or severe headaches every other day? I guess all of us face this very common health problem which can be treated effectively at home. Headaches can be really nasty. Imagine having a bad headache in office and you have a big presentation to give.

It becomes really annoying and distracts you from concentrating on work. Similarly lot of children complains of headaches mostly due to sun strokes. Too much exposure to sun is not good for your health. That is why it becomes extremely important for the sales guys or executives to keep themselves well hydrated so that they do not suffer sun strokes followed by headaches.

What is a headache? We keep nagging how are head is hurting but do we know what causes it or what actually is a headache? It happens when the neck muscle spasms pulls the cranium tissues intensely, it leads to severe neck and forehead paining. The pain that you go through is called headache. It is nothing to panic about unless there is a deeper health issue connected to it. Then you should go to a doctor immediately.

According to the study, headaches can be classified into three types. One that happens due to tension, second due to migraine and the third type is called Cluster headache. Lets learn about them in brief.

Tension Leading To Headaches

This is the most common type of headaches in men. The work pressure, intense competition and the constant need to overpower one another can lead to lot of stress at work which tags along with the man when he reaches home. Tension stimulates the nerves of the brain to ache. When a man worries or thinks too much he is bound to overwork his brains causing headaches. The most common is headache accompanied by neck and back aches.

Migraine Causing Headaches

Migraine is a hereditary problem. If you mom or dad have it you rae likely to inherit it too. The migraine attacks are very painful and needs immediate medical help. Show to a doctor and get yourself prescribed some tablets to pull you through a migraine headache. Migraines usually brings along gastric problems, eyes paining and irritable behavior.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache or the common headache is what we all face in our daily life. A bad hangover followed by a headache is also a cluster headache. Too much noise can cause you cluster headache. Staying out for long and get a headache is a type of cluster headaches. Basically luster headaches happen more because of the external factors than internal.

Symptoms of Headaches

The most common symptom of knowing you are having a headache is when your head starts to bang. You feel someone’s hammering on the top of your head. It starts with the head and spread to the neck and back. Sometimes men also feel the eyes pain and experience blurred vision. Headaches usually stop your mind to work. In fact when you have any pain your attention gets diverted to it and hence lack of concentration.

Reasons That Cause Headaches

Headaches can be caused due to internal and external factors. Internal means migraine, gastric, flu and many more health related issues cause headaches whereas external factors are not directly related to any dysfunction of the body. For instance, too much work pressure and stress is the major cause. Fight with your spouse, staying dehydrated for long and even cold climate can cause you headaches.

Home Remedies For Treating Headaches:

Apple For Headaches

An apple a day keeps the doctor and headaches away. Eat one apple daily on empty stomach and avoid headaches forever. Especially kids, they should be encouraged to eat apples regularly so that their systems are clean to have any health problems.

Ginger For Headaches

Hot ginger tea is all you need to get rid of cold, fever and headaches. Don’ you feel refreshed? Take a cup of water and boil it. Add ginger and inhale the vapors. It instantly opens up the nerves of the brain and gets you rid of headaches.

Lemon For Headaches

Lemon is the most useful ingredient in the kitchen. Most of the home remedies will have lemon. Apply the paste of lemon peel on the forehead to give you a cool and therapeutic feel. It really helps to cure headaches in no time.

Home Remedy With Hot Water

The most common remedy is to soak your legs in a bucket of hot water for about 30 minutes. Add some salt to help soothe the nerves. Dab cotton of warm water on your forehead. This remedy works wonders.

Eucalyptus Home Remedy For Headaches

You get eucalyptus oil in the market or you can also take out fresh. It is very helpful in treating headaches related to cold and sinus. You just need to take few leaves and boil it in water or add few drops of oil and cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapors. It instantly opens up your nose and relaxes the nerves of the brains helping you get rid of headaches fast.

Spinach For Headaches

We all know that spinach is very good for cleaning the blood stream from the impurities. But spinach also helps to treat headaches when you drink 300 ml of carrot juice mixed with 200 ml of spinach juice. It is the simplest remedy for treating migraine headaches at home.

Headache Treatment With Henna Flowers

Dip henna flowers in vinegar for about 15 minutes. Use it to dab on your forehead for some time. It is best when you have headaches due to warm climate. Do this twice a day and see the results yourself. You can also use it on any part of the body that aches apart from the head.

Besides the above mentioned home remedies you can also try putting balm on the forehead and sleep for a while. Take proper sleep and rest. Make sure you do not eat too much spice or anything that can aggravate your headache. Say bye to headaches with these effective home remedies.