3 Trendy Hairstyles For Short Necks

3 Trendy Hairstyles For Short Necks

With proper guidance, hairstyles can be used to enhance your features. For instance, if your neck is short then you can make it look long with the help of latest hairstyles.Take the advice of a professional hair stylist who will suggest latest hairstyle trends for people with short necks. Short hairstyles like bob cuts and shorter bobs help to enhance the short neck and make it look longer.

The bob cuts are cut short and do not extend further than the middle of the neck. Here are some trendy and popular hairstyles that suit short necks well.

Tousled Curls

A very simple but popular hairstyle, tousled curls are best suited on hair that reach the mid portion of the neck. The classic hair style exposes your nape giving it an alluring and romantic feel.

The short haircut goes well with formal as well as informal dresses. Coordinate the hairstyle with dresses that will accentuate your features and body line. Tousled curls are one of the most popular prom hairstyles for girls.

Tousled Curls

Once the hair are washed and conditioned, use a comb on the damp hair. Part your short hair slightly from the middle portion. Use a hair spray and spritz the hair to add volume to it. Blow-dry the damp hair. When combing the hair, use a brush with circular bristles as this adds texture and body to your hair.

Once you have dried your hair completely, curl the hair ends with the help of a curling iron. Pin each of the curls to its place with the help of bobby pins. This will keep the curls in shape as your hair cools down.

When the curls have cooled down, remove the pins and softly shake the curls to produce the desired tousled short hair cut. You can use a hair spray to keep the curls for a longer period of time.

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Retro Bob

This hairstyle produces a retro look. One can see girls posing with this hairstyle in the pictures of the 70s and 80s. The hairstyle applies a retro spin to the top of the hair over the customary bob cut hairstyle. It creates a great look for both formal and informal parties.

Retro Bob

Part the hair from one side of the head, just above the ear. Slip this part of the hair behind the ear of that side. Use a smaller sized curling iron tool to curl the ends of the hair in an outward direction.

Place some hair gel on the tips of your fingers and use your fingers to give shape to the curls. Apply a strong hair spray to spritz the retro bob hair style and then smoothen the rest of the hair with your fingers.

The Romantic Boy Cut

This haircut is best suited in case of a very short neck. The hair cut does not go beyond the nape and produces the neck line in a manner that makes it look elongated. A very smart and trendy hair style, the romantic boy cut is one of the many popular hairstyles for short necks.

Romantic Boy Cut

Use a very small amount of after-conditioner gel on damp hair. Blow dry and use a hair straightener to straighten the hair. Produce a side sweep bang with the help of a rat tail hair comb and you are ready to look glamorous in your new hair style.

Hairstyles For Short Necks