Tudor Pelagos Diving Watch Review

Tudor is a Rolex sub brand and they have recently launched the Pelagos diving watch into the market. The build and framework is made of titanium, hence you know that quality is exceptional.

Tudor Pelagos Diving Watch

It not only looks rugged but provides waterproof abilities up to 500 meters of depth.

Features Of Tudor Pelagos Diving Watch 

The new diving watch meets the specifications and the requirement of today’s divers. On top of that it gives you the style and reliability of a Rolex. Those marine life enthusiasts will find this watch to be a top notch state of the art selection.

The mechanical ability of the Pelagos is unparalleled; the design itself is a resemblance of decades of watch making coupled with deep sea mechanics experience. The looks, the feel and the performance are undeniably exceptional and worthy.

Water Proof Technology

The Tudor Pelagos is waterproof up to 1640 feet of water depth, which is approximately 500 meters. The 42 mm diameter casing allows it to withstand the pressure at those depths.

Water Proof Technology

The interior and exterior is made of authentic titanium and it has a satin finish. Therefore, it looks distinctively strong when compared to other diving watches. Deep sea instruments have never felt better before.

Gas Escape Valve Feature

The Tudor Pelagos is equipped with a gas escape valve. It is a helium valve which when released allows the watch to absorb any fluctuation in the pressure created at the depths.

Gas Escape Valve Feature

It is embedded on the left hand side of the watch and marked as a Gas Escape Valve. It is a very necessary instrument to preserve the life of the Pelagos at great depths.

Luminescence Feature

The Tudor Pelagos has ab which glows bright in the dark. The unidirectional rotatable bezel has a matt black finish for refined quality. Due to its thickness griping the Tudor Pelagos is not very cumbersome. At extreme depths and extreme conditions the Tudor Pelagos boasts its reliability. The dials and the hands of the Tudor Pelagos portray the historical models that existed from the beginning of the Tudor watch series.

The Bracelet Features

The rigidity of the Tudor Pelagos is also determined by the bracelet. The folding steel clasp grasps your wrists gently and ensures that it does not de-clutch during a steep dive.

The Bracelet Features

The bracelet automatically adjusts itself during a dive to portray its flexibility at extreme conditions. Even when wearing a diving suit and the fluctuations in the pressure the Tudor Pelagos bracelet is best suited for deep sea diving.

Movement and Specifications

The Tudor Pelagos has a self-winding mechanical movement to relief you of any cumbersome handling. It has a total diameter of 26 mm and frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. This is guaranteed by the precisions of Rolex watches.

The Tudor Pelagos has been encrusted with 25 jewels and they do not offset the looks and ruggedness of the watch. With each wind the Tudor Pelagos has a power reserve of approximately 38 hours. It comes in two options of a rubber strap or a titanium bracelet.

Price Of  Tudor Pelagos Diving Watch

The price tag attached to it is US$ 4350, which is small ask price for a premium brand like Tudor.