Types Of Laser Facial Treatments

 laser facial treatment Not all are born with flawless facial skin and even if that is so, aging robs you a great deal of your impeccable beauty.  A multitude of cosmetic procedures are available these days that can help you get rid of the common facial problems like acne, scars, pigmentation, and sagging.

Laser treatment is one of the popular methods available these days; a craze both among women and men, laser is effective in minimizing the facial unevenness and other imperfections.

What Is Laser Facial?

The procedure is based on focusing the high energy and focused light beams onto a specified area of the skin that requires treatment. As these focused rays are directed over the exposed skin, they exfoliate the uppermost skin layer; thus mitigating deep wrinkles, acne scars, and lines due to ageing. Unlike other procedures, there is no need of using needles or other instruments; it is simply the heat that removes the imperfections.

The entire procedure does not take more than half an hour. The laser treatment is not a permanent one and it requires repeated surgeries. You have to repeat the entire process every 10-12 months or even less than that. The treatment can be done with or without local anesthesia.

Types Of Laser Treatments

CO2 based Lasers

The facial treatment with such lasers involves exfoliation of the entire skin, irrespective of the area where scars, abrasions or sagging are present. The treatment removes blemishes and also lightens the lines sitting deep into the skin. The uppermost layers are treated with heat intensity, with a heating effect on the underlying layers also. The surgery is painful and patients take a long time to recover.

Nonablative Lasers

Unlike the previous ones, these layers are focused to target over the deepest layer while the epidermis is not exposed to it all. The result is not as good as the ablative lasers but there is a substantial reduction in pain as well as recover time.

Fraxel Type Lasers

The treatment by a fractionized laser vaporizes only a small portion of the epidermis instead of the entire facial skin.

Types of Laser Treatments

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What are the Side Effects?

In comparison to other cosmetic procedures, laser treatment causes much less discomfort. Yet you may face pain, swelling of the exposed areas, and redness. The other risks are depigmentation of skin and unwanted changes over skin surface.

How Effective is Facial Laser?

This method of making skin spotless is quite effective; though it gives only temporary solution to your skin problems, it cleanses the skin thoroughly. Your doctor may apply an antibiotic cream to give it the protection from infections.

What are the Precautions to be Taken Afterwards

You must not rub the effected area too much. To get relief from pain, your doctor may suggest some pain killers. Avoid any harsh treatment of any sort to your face. Before setting out in sun, apply sunscreen.

As the layers of the skin get abraded while treatment, sunscreens are absolutely essential in order to avoid damage caused by ultra violet rays. Wash your face regularly with a mild soap. Laser facial can not only removes scars and lines, it also tightens the skin by denaturing the collagen fiber.

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