Types Of White Wine

Wine is made from fermented juices and most probably using grapes. It is a strong drink that is prepared without using any artificial ingredients. It gets converted into alcohol by yeast activity on grapes. The term wine is referred because of starch-fermented beverages such as sake, ginger wine and barley.

Types Of White Wine

There are various wines produced and consumed by people in practice. White wine is one type that is made by processing white grapes. Grapes have the capacity to ferment easily that result in producing quality wine. Moreover, the output of wine depends on the kind of grape used and on other attributes.

Different Kinds Of White Wine

Pinot Gris

It is a dark white colored wine grape that has progressed from Pinot Nair. It grows in the region of Victoria and is cultivated in Italian style. It ranges from soft, light and subtle to quite powerful compositions that contain both aroma and flavor at a stable level. It is an exquisite wine with attractive fruity tones that comes in aromas of pears and melons. The color of this wine is different and can be in metallic yellow, pale pink and even grey.


This Germany originated wine has fruity, aromatic flavor that has high alcohol content. Riesling is used to produce white wine from semi-sweet, sweet, dry and sparkling type that has high market value. These grapes are used in manufacturing both light-bodied and full-bodied wine in cooler temperature regions. High quality Riesling wine is fruity, light and tastier when served cool on a bright hot day. It reaches smooth silk texture and sometimes in orange flavors that have unique acid content as days go by.


Semillon is the unheard type of wine among wine lovers of world. This is cultivated in Australia that attracts winemakers as it has high stamina and robustness to various environmental activities.

Types Of White Wine

The vineyards present in the region acts as the source for white Bordeaux mix that is low alcoholic with concentrative texture. It is the most expensive type of sweet wine that has huge fan followers in its way. It weighs high in yellowish golden color that has little and unique aromatic value of its own.


Verdelho is the widely cultivated grape in Portugal covering four-fifth of wine usage people in the nation. The production of this wine varies with different winemakers that have different look and flavors attracting individuals. It is a fruity wine with high-level acidity content that can be consumed after aging or at fresh natural level. It grows well in regions of warmer climates that help in the growth of this tropical fruit. This wine holds its natural fruity nature and aroma that has mellower elements elegantly.


Traminer, a white wine is the descendant of Gewurztraminer has its origin in southern Australian regions. This type is also known as the successor of Pinot Noir and Riesling that has German and Italian roots. Based on the climatic conditions and other characteristics, it produces energizing wines that are low wine acid in oily texture. It looks spicy, deeply colored and fruity with high alcohol content when grown at cooler temperatures. It mesmerizes the wine consumer when taken fresh that can be served effectively with Asian foods.