Under Desk Exercises To Get Fit While You Work

Various Under Desk Exercises The computer age has given many people a new horizon of jobs. The problem of unemployment might have been reduced a bit. However, it has given birth to some other problems. People who work at desks in front of their computers face hardships of backaches and gaining undue and uncalled-for weight.

Taking these ills into account, many companies have made arrangements for a gym in their business premises. However, for the employees who do not have the gym at their disposal have no option for taking exercises. Here are some tips that you can use during your work hours to help you relax and stretch yourself out.

Various Under Desk Exercises

Carry Out Neck Rolls

Many people invariably complain of neck strain. To relax the strain on your neck, do a few neck rolls in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Roll the head down until your chin touches the chest and let it go back in the opposite direction as much as you can. Repeat all the exercises for at least five to seven times and you will feel light immediately.

Stretch Arms And Shoulders

Your hands and shoulders are virtually hanging all the time by working on the desk. You need to give them sufficient support. But only support will not be enough. Stretch both your arms sideways and back to their original position again. Repeat this eight to ten times. Bend your hands and let them touch the shoulders. Move your fingers towards your back over the shoulders as much as possible.

Under Desk Exercises For men

There are more workouts you can do with arms and shoulder. When your fingers are touching the shoulders, bring your elbows together, let them touch and remain in the same position. After a brief pause, leave the hold and return to the original posture. Make at least 10 to 12 repetitions for better results.

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Working Out Right From Your Chair

If you use a revolving chair, which generally have wheels at the base, you can work out in a variety of ways using your desk. Hold on to the edge of the desk firmly and lift your feet. Now, push yourself back along with the chair and again pull back to the original position. Repeat eight to ten times. This will give your arms a nice workout.

Another exercise you can do with your desk is to grab the desk, take a couple of steps back and do sit-ups while you are still holding on to the desk. It will not only relax your thigh and leg muscles, but also make your arms feel lighter.

Take Breaks In Between

Even if you follow all the above exercises, remember not to remain glued to your seat for a longer duration. Take breaks during your work. This will help relax your eyes apart from the hunched body. It is very important that you leave your seat and take a few steps around. This will relax you physically and will refresh you mentally as well. Under desk exercises are those that do neither require any gym equipment nor any partner to help you.

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