Understand The Signs That a Woman Is Seducing you

Understand The Signs That a Woman Is Seducing you Often men feel that they can’t understand women. Well women too feel the same way. It’s nobody’s fault but the fact that gender differences create this communication gap between a male and a female for which it takes time for each to understand what the other sex means or wants to do. However, things become really interesting and exciting once you begin to understand the signs the opposite sex makes to convey what they feel about you which might include a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions and even sexual interests. As females are more dependent on indirect ways like non verbal communication or body language to express emotions it may often become confusing for a man to understand whether or not a woman is actually interested in him.

A woman’s liking for a man may be at different levels which mean she may like you as a friend or may be as someone more than a friend. She may like you romantically but may not be immediately interested in physical closeness or sex. On the other hand a woman may be just interested in you for sex. A woman may also actually be in love with you and would want you seriously to be a part of her life. So it is quite challenging to determine what actually a woman is looking for in you. So get ready to learn about the ways a woman can seduce you so that you are not caught unaware the next time a woman makes a pass at you!

What is Seduction?

What is Seduction A man and a woman will get attracted to each other and this is one of the most natural phenomenons of existence. But seduction is a deliberate attempt to make you feel attracted towards the opposite sex. Seduction may be often taken in a negative sense but not always is it done with a negative intent. Sometimes a wife may try to seduce her husband to make their marriage spicier or even keep her husband’s interest alive in her. Sometimes women may also use the method of seduction to suit their own motives. It is therefore important to decipher the intent behind one’s process of seduction. In negative context seduction is to intentionally arouse somebody sexually to take interest in someone which he would have otherwise not done. In the positive context however seduction means to charm and enchant somebody with your attractive personality and behavior.

Understand the Difference Between Attraction and Seduction

Understand the Difference Between Attraction and Seduction To determine if a woman is seducing you first you must be clear about the differences between attraction and seduction. Being attracted means to be fascinated by your looks, personality and other charms and it may even become mutual. Attraction in the long run may develop into deeper feelings of love and can be the beginning of a meaningful relationship. Seduction may or may not be associated with attraction.

When seduction is done for positive purposes like to make you fall in love with her because she is deeply in love with you the actions may come out naturally from within the woman. However, in case of seduction that is done for negative purposes to meet selfish motives then a woman may even try to manipulate you without any real feelings whatsoever. Thus, you must understand if a woman is really interested and attracted towards you to determine if she is positively or negatively seducing you.

Signs to know if she is attracted towards you

Signs to know if she is attracted towards you Remember that a woman who is positively interested in you will convey her messages through a number of non-verbal communication styles. If you notice that a woman is behaving bit differently in front of you than with others then try to observe her actions more carefully. If a female colleague or a friend is quite friendly and open in front of others but becomes conscious in front of you or the other way round like if she is more reserve in front of others but becomes chirpy and frank in front of you then begin to notice her more carefully. Notice her eyes; eyes speak more than words. She will look intently at you or may also keep gazing at you now and then. Smiling may often be a social or a friendly gesture but that special smile meant only for you says it all. She will take extra interest in you, would love listening to you more than others and off course she won’t get bored with most of the things you say. She will laugh when you crack jokes just to impress you. If she tries to find out what are your favorite colors and other preferences and accordingly dresses and presents herself be very sure that she is very much attracted towards you and is even trying to impress you. She will try to ensure that you notice her by passing around you intentionally even if it isn’t required. She may even begin a conversation with you even when she doesn’t know you that well.

Understand the Signs of Seduction

Understand the Signs of Seduction Non-verbal cues are more applicable when the attraction goes to the level of seduction. The woman is deeply interested in you and wants to have something quite exciting and thrilling from you. She will deliberately do actions which may seem careless ones just to reveal her more to you. She may play with her hair and keep fondling her chain or bracelet. She may even instigate physical contact by brushing her feet against yours, getting close to listen to you or even touching your arm now and then. This shows she would love more physical closeness and also feels comfortable with your physical proximity. She would in all probability begin to initiate conversations that may be related to sexual context or she may even tease you to make you feel more comfortable physically.

Eventually she may also get a bit direct with you regarding sexual encounters and may like to know about your opinions. She may go quite further to ask your sexual preferences and ultimately what it would be like to imagine an encounter with her. She gradually tries to build up your arousal and in the process also tries to find out if you are also into it. Be confident of yourself and your male instinct will definitely guide you by not letting you to go astray. If you are confident then you can surely go ahead and find out the excitement waiting for you!