Understanding Men’s Sexual Health

Ejaculation disorders Men’s sexual health means identifying any symptoms of sexual dysfunctions and ways to maintain overall good sexual health.  Proper sexual health can ensure you not only have great sex life but overall mental and physical wellbeing as well. Certain good habits, healthy lifestyle, safe sex practice and awareness of sexual dysfunctions can help you to maintain good sexual health.

Common Sexual Problems In Men

Ejaculation Disorders

Ejaculation disorders are the most common and frustrating sexual problems in men. Ejaculation disorder can be of different types depending upon the kind of problem an individual may have while ejaculating or trying to ejaculate. Ejaculation disorders include premature ejaculation, retarded or inhibited ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation happens if you ejaculate way too soon while inhibited or retarded ejaculation occurs if you are too slow to ejaculate. In retrograde ejaculation the ejaculate instead of flowing out from the penis travels backward into the bladder.Both psychological and physical factors may be responsible for such disorders and proper treatment can successfully eliminate such problems. Stress and certain medical conditions can also be responsible for these disorders.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the failure to achieve an erection or maintain it to enjoy satisfying sex. Erectile dysfunction may also result from psychological factors and or physical factors that may be blocking enough blood supply. Medical conditions such as atherosclerosis may be responsible to block blood supply while nervous disorders, excessive stress and extreme performance anxiety may also become responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Loss Of Sexual Desire or Drive

This may result due to aging but younger men may also suffer from retarded sexual desire. Due to aging increase in health problems and hormonal imbalances may account for loss of sexual drive while in younger men it may result due to extreme stress, injuries or psychological inhibitions.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Infections

Various sexually transmitted diseases and infections may affect several men who become negligent by not following safe sex and by keeping multiple partners. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections may badly affect your overall well being and hamper your sexual health grossly.

Possible Reasons For Male Sex Health Issues

Physical Factors

Physical factors like hormonal imbalances, organ defects, lack of proper blood supply, nervous problems and certain health problems like diabetes or heart problems account for male sex health issues. Certain medicines may also cause side effects that may hamper sexual performance by challenging sexual health.

Psychological Factors

Sometimes psychological inhibitions acting upon the mind as an impact of strict bringing up, religious views or unconscious ideas may hamper sexual health in men. Other than these factors extreme stress, anxiety and depression may also cause sexual health problems to occur.


Sexual health may be hampered if you are negligent and don’t follow safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections can be avoided by using condoms and practicing safe sex.

Maintain Good Sexual Health

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle means following healthy habits like taking balanced diet, taking enough rest and sleep, avoiding bad habits like excessive alcohol and doing regular exercise. These habits will keep you fit and strong thereby avoiding the causes that may be responsible for sexual health issues.

Stress Management And Mental Well Being

Avoid the negative effects of stress and maintain good psychological health by remaining meaningfully active, communicating with loved ones, practicing breathing exercises and meditation.

Seek Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling can effectively solve mental inhibitions towards sex and ensure satisfying sexual life by restoring sexual health.

Hormonal Treatments

Hormonal treatments have helped many men get back their sexual drive and enjoy sex once again. Elderly men can also enjoy good sexual health by following healthy lifestyle and taking hormonal therapies.