Unique Ways To Ask Her To Marry Me

Unique Ways To Ask Her To Marry Me Dating someone whom you are in love with can be yours forever through a marriage. A marriage is an everlasting promise of commitment and companionship and if marriage is on your mind don’t be late to say it to her. May be she is also waiting to hear it from you. Every girl has special dreams about the man of her life and how he proposes her.

Hence, you should not be behind her expectations by asking her to marry you in the most unique way. Making it special comes from the heart and your heart can guide you in the right ways regarding how to impress and touch her heart with your unique way of giving a marriage proposal to her. This will help you to rise in her eyes and also to validate her about your love and commitment.

It may take a while for you to decide if you really want to take the plunge. But once you have decided you just can’t wait any longer and make your feelings known at the first opportunity. But just wait, take a breath and decide not to be impulsive. You want to make the event memorable for both of you and hence you should first decide the right way to ask her to marry you.

If you know her well as a person this won’t be very difficult for you. You may feel nervous which is quite obvious so taking the support and help of your close friends isn’t a bad idea.

Important Things to Understand Before Proposing Marriage To your Girl

If you both as a couple has been dating for quite sometime then both of you might know a lot of significant things about each other. Remember that women love creativity than stereotype methods to impress them.

Flowers, rings, dinners and so on are lovely ways to impress a woman but these are things that have been tried by men throughout the ages. Initially these types of efforts may assist you in winning a woman’s heart but when you are about to propose marriage to her then it’s best to be creative. You can off course blend creativity into the stereotypes and make the method of proposal seem an original idea.

You should be sure about yourself that you really want to propose marriage and also try to be as much as possible sure about your girl that she will not refuse. But you should have a positive mind and yet be prepared to accept whatever comes for you. Keeping fixed expectations may come into the way of your imagination therefore interfering with your creativity about the method of asking her to marry you.

Remember to ask her to marry you in a unique manner doesn’t need to be an expensive affair. You can make it beautiful and memorable in the simplest ways. You can use facets or aspects of your relationship which will reflect the exclusiveness of you as a couple to build something that can become a method to ask her for marriage!

It’s recommended that you keep the idea of proposal only to yourself as you would like to make it unique by letting your girl be the first one to know about it. To make the marriage proposal exclusive understand your girl’s psyche first. You will want to devise a way where she is left with no choice but to happily say ‘yes’ and never regret her decision.

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Yes, this is the power of a proper unique manner of marriage proposal. Remember to give importance to your girl’s kind of preference to set up the proposal stage. If she has a romantic bent of mind set the stage accordingly and if she is a hard core practical minded girl then make the proposal idea set against that back drop. This way she will feel most important and cherished.

Unique Ways to Ask Her Hand For Marriage

Collect various pieces of your relationship that you have built over time together like photographs, letters and any other special memento that may be significant to you as a couple. Create a collage or a simple model that will delineate the course of the relationship with the pictures and a miniature home within which opens up to say “Will you marry me”.

If your girl loves to listen to the radio ask her to tune in for a special program and propose by requesting the radio jockey to play her favorite song and then ask her hand in marriage.

If your girl is internet savvy and remains glued to the computer then you can create a video of yourself proposing to her and upload on a site while asking her to check an interesting video on that site. You can do the same by giving her a CD. While playing word games like scrabble or hangman also you can plan ways to ask her to marry you by framing words and sentences in that order.

To present the ring while asking her to marry you is an old yet evergreen method of proposing marriage. Whatever your method may be a ring becomes almost essential without which you can’t think of proposing marriage. Now it’s up to you how you can make the ring creative and romantic.

You can plan a trip together to a beach and gift her oyster shell which opens up with a pearl inside which you can place on her finger and ask the most special thing she wants to hear from you. You can do something similar while walking in the rains and place a rain droplet on her bosom just where a pendant can be hung from her neck and say that you love to be the raindrop to remain near her heart forever.

If you have saved money to make it an expensive affair then also there are various ways to make your marriage proposal a unique one. You can plan a yacht ride with drinks and in the midst of the ocean put a ring on her finger and ask her to marry you. There can be no end to unique marriage proposal ideas and if you really want to make it an important and memorable event of your life then go ahead and do what your heart tells you to be the best option.

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