Unique Ways To Go Down On Her

Ways To Go Down On Her There are many unique ways to go down on her. This article focuses on some of the unique sex ideas and sex positions, which couples can try in their daily life. This article focuses on some of the creative oral sex methods that you should try to spice up your marriage.

Ways To Go Down On Her

Bolder Sex

Turn off all your lights inside your house and you should keep your front door open. You should grab her and have a lengthy foreplay with her. You should take her out naked and you should have the sex with her in garden.

You can get bolder by turning on the garden lights and doing sex under light. The other alternative to garden light is to light up a garden camp fire and you should have the sex with her near garden camp fire. The heat of garden fire would passion up your sexual desire and it is an unique way of going down with her.

Give Her the Best Oral Sex

You should try variations in oral sex to give her unique sex. You should make her sit inside the bath tub filled with water. You should ask her to keep her legs placed at the bathtub edge and you should start kissing and licking it.

You should suck her vulva as whole life depended on it and you should do lip kissing in between. You should sit on edge of bathtub naked and you should wrap your legs around her waist and you should rub your body against her vulva region.

You should massage her back while doing this and you should stroke her hair. You should aim at giving her scalp massage using one hand and using other hand, you should massage her buttocks.

Lift her from bathtub and rush to bed and keep her at the edge of bed. You should lift her leg wide in air and you should kneel between her legs while you start munching her vulva region. A good oral sex is the best way to start a good unique sex.

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Go for Variety Sex

You should sit in front of her in kneeling position and you should make her sit on your lap. She should wrap her legs around your waist and you can start penetrating her. This is like missionary sex in sitting position.

You should sit on a swivel chair and ask her to sit on your lap. Make her insert your penis into her vagina and you lift her up and down in that chair and you will enjoy steamy sex in circles.

Find a Secluded Place to Have a Unique Sex

Travel with her on train on a Sunday to a new place. Make sure find a secluded place. You should enjoy having sex with her at that moment and it should not matter whether you do it in a cave or on tree top or on top of rock and so on.

You can have the sex in trying conditions like sex under baking sun or in freezing night atmosphere. That would add spice to occasion, and you both will enjoy each other well.