Useful Tips For Tread Mill Running

Tips For Tread Mill Running Running and brisk walking are aerobic activities. These are the best cardio workouts. Outdoor running is extremely beneficial for the mere fact that it enables you to breathe fresh air and brings you closer to nature too.

But the flip side of outdoor running or walking is that you are forced to stay indoors and give it a miss when the weather is playing spoilsport.

Treadmill running saves you from battling the weather and helps you to maintain your running schedule uninterruptedly. To make your Treadmill running more effective, safe and enjoyable you may follow the Tips for Treadmill Running mentioned below-

Tips For Tread Mill Running

Always Warm Up

Before you start running on the treadmill, make sure that you walk for 5 minutes to warm up. It will prevent muscle injury and you will not get tired fast. Warming up on treadmill helps to stretch the muscles and it improves your treadmill running.

Set the Treadmill at Incline

Setting your treadmill slightly inclined will give you more scope for power running as it requires extra effort and energy to run up hill. It builds up stamina and your endurance power. Do not raise it too high as running on a steep incline may cause calf injury.

Add Variety to your Treadmill Running

To make your treadmill running more interesting, add variety in your treadmill workout. You can alternate between a run and jog. Make changes in your stride such as take long strides in between short sprints. Use flat incline when you are using long strides to stretch the calf muscle to maximum.

Do not Bend Forward

Maintain a straight posture while running on the treadmill. It will improve your stance and will help you to maintain a constant speed. Moreover leaning forward may strain your back.

How To Run Correctly On A Treadmill

Vary your Speed

Keep changing your speed after every two to four weeks of treadmill running. Gradually increase the speed by starting with a slow run, in mid way increase your speed and then slow down again at the end.

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It helps you to maintain your balance on treadmill while running.

Run without Support

Do not hold on to handrails when running on treadmill. You don’t do that when you are running outdoors. The handrails are for safety purpose that is to save you from a fall. Maintain the same position by keeping your arms along the waist and move them as you would do in outdoor running.

Listen to Music

To make your treadmill running entertaining carry an iPod and listen to your favourite music as you workout. It not only will help to soothe your nerves but will also keep you engrossed and you will be able to do treadmill running without getting bored.

Always Cool Down

Remember to cool down after treadmill running. Do not stop abruptly and get down the treadmill, instead you should gradually reduce your speed to a slow jog and then slowly switch to treadmill walk then stop and get down.

This will bring your heart rate down to normal. Instant getting off from treadmill can cause dizziness and fatigue.

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