Useful Tips On How To Maintain Dinner Jacket Etiquettes

Dinner Jacket Etiquettes Dinner suits are British English semi formal suits which are primarily designed for formal occasions like a wedding party, a dinner date etc. These suits differ from the conventional ones in having a satin lapel that again comes in three different styles that is a shawl, notched and peak.

The Notched lapel has a collar that is same as that of the ordinary suit cuts. The peak lapels are provided with an upward V shaped groove and the shawl has a curved indentation. Traditional dinner jackets have a single button though variations are now being added to the new style of dinner jackets.

Wearing a well tailored dinner jacket adds a lot of oomph to your personality. There are however some dinner jacket etiquettes which must be followed when wearing a dinner jacket. Depending on what kind of jackets you have chosen to wear with respect to color, style and material, the etiquettes of maintaining these jackets are based on.

Etiquettes of Wearing a Dinner Jacket

Design of The Jackets

Dinner jackets are designed in 4 types of common designs which include the single-breasted and the double breasted variations of peaked lapel, single-breasted and the double-breasted variations of shawl collar dinner jackets. The traditional way of wearing a Single-breasted variation of dinner jacket is to keep the sole waist button unbuttoned.

The bare waistband of the trouser underneath needs to remain enclosed with a waistcoat or a cummerbund; which is a broad belt usually made up of Satin material. The traditional way of wearing a double-breasted variation of dinner jacket is to keep the jacket buttoned while standing.

Some of the traditional double breasted dinner jackets differ from the single breasted ones in having four buttons with respect to one. The jacket is fastened by buttoning only the bottom line or both the rows. While all the forms of dinner jackets are considered as the basis of the typical black tie dress in, the double breasted dinner jackets are considered the least formal of all the other styles of dinner jackets.

Like the style of the breasted jackets the peaked lapelled and the shawl collared dinner jackets are also very popular in use. The guide for dinner jacket etiquettes considers jackets with peaked lapels as to be more suitable for formal occasion than the shawl collared jackets. Shawl collared with round neckline are chiefly adapted with warm-weathered jackets. Pure silk is the most popular material that is used for making the facings of the lapels.

A little cheaper material used is the synthetic elements for the making of the lapel facings. While the use of shinier lapel facings is very famous in North American dinner jackets, they are considered to be less sophisticated than the matte lapel facings in other parts of the world. For the perfect dinner outfit the bow or tie & the waistband should be in perfect match with the materials used to make the lapel.

Dinner Jacket Etiquettes

Orthodox Shades and Fabric used

While black is the most popular color choice jackets, midnight blue and white too are favored colors used for the making of dinners jackets. The lapel facing colors used should be in contrast to the suit color, like the blue dinner jacket should have black lapel facings. It is recommended that nine to ten oz. fabric features will be best suited in the making of dinner jackets.

Styling of the Diner Jackets

The dinner jacket etiquettes suggest certain particular tailoring features which should be the characteristics of all traditional dinner jackets. These features include the presence of a buttonhole that is situated on the left lapel of the dinner suit to accommodate a boutonniere.

The opposite potion of lapel should be provided with a stem holder. A formal dinner jacket gets further characterized by the presence of a double-bosomed rift hip pocket. The sleeves should have four fancy buttons on them; these buttons can either be plane or can be made of the same material like the lapel facing.

The formal jackets for warm weather are either ivory or white colored. There are a separate set of dinner jacket etiquettes that needs to be followed when wearing these warm weathered jackets.

The rules for wearing a white dinner jacket are varied and mainly depend on the kind or style of white dinner jacket that you have chosen to wear. While one of the basic rules of wearing a white dinner jacket is that it should be absolutely clean and tidy without any stains or tears, the further specifications which are necessary regarding the jackets are listed below.

White Dinner Jacket Etiquettes

The traditional white dinner jackets have the same design and patterns followed as in case of the black dinner jackets. White jackets are suitable for beach and yatch parties. They impart a casual and a laid back attitude. It is not advisable to wear the white dinner jackets in meetings as it might rob the seriousness of the situation.

The Ivory dinner jackets which are another variation of the white dinner jackets offer a subtle stylish impact than the traditional white jackets. The guide book for ivory dinner jacket recommends the wearing of a white shirt under the ivory dinner jacket for creating the best impressions.

Other than the traditional method of wearing a white dinner jacket with an all white trouser and shoes, the other classy style of wearing a white tuxedo dinner jacket is with creaseless black pants and black shoes. This dress combination should be accompanied with a black bow.

The guide book for white dinner jacket etiquettes recommends that the suit meant for formal dinner invitations or other occasions is worn out doors and not inside an office boardroom meeting. The suit should be tailored with slim fittings and will not have the characteristics of a business suit.

Pairing the white dinner suits with pastel shirts with classy pin point collars will draw the attention of the crowd towards you. Use of harsh colored shirts will make the appearance more flashy and devoid the dress of its classy style. Similarly, ties should be of subtle colors and not too flashy. Black or brown loafers will look excellent with these classy outfits.