Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

The product from a company which has over 250 years of experience behind them and the products manufactured by the company is still going strong. What more credentials one need to choose the product from this manufacturer?


Vacheron Constantin is one of the leaders in the field of horology. Based in Switzerland, Vacheron Constantin is a renowned manufacturer of low cost and high end watches.

vacheron constantin patrimony traditionnelle world time

As a matter of fact, experts in horology are of the opinion that Vacheron is a competitor to Patek Philippe of Geneva who is also the leader in high end watches.

New Models

At the Salon International de la Haute Horologerie (SIHH) which was held very recently Vacheron also participated and presented their new series of watches. Although these watches were yet to price tagged, observers believe that these are high end watches.

2460 WT model

As a matter of fact, these watches attracted the attention of every visitor to the exhibition. One such series exhibited is the 2460 WT model which is briefly introduced here:

Features Of 2460 WT

2460 WT is one of the several masterpieces from Vacheron. This watch which is specially designed for men folk is beautifully designed and is packed with many features. One of the important features of this model is that the user can simultaneously read the time from as many as 37 zones round the world. Of course, this is a complex procedure, but this has been made easy on 2460 WT.

To see the time in any one of the 37 zones, three dials have to be coordinated. The first dial to be selected is the Sapphire dial on which there is the 24 hour indication which is engraved and inked boldly along with day and night indicator. The second dial to be selected is the metal dial where the city name and map is engraved.

vacheron constantin patrimony traditionnelle world time

The third dial is the circle ring with indexes. Turn all these dials using the crown and bring it up the 24 hour indicator and up to the black triangle just below the 6 o’clock. Now you get the time zone of the place you desired. As a matter of fact, Vacheron is the only manufacturer who has made the time zone reference so easy.

Another feather in the cap of Vacheron is that the mechanical movement of the 2460 WT model has received the hallmark of Geneva School of Horology! As everyone knows Geneva School of Horology follows strict guidelines in certifying the quality of watches. The components of this watch are located in a 42.5 mm and 11.5 mm height case which is made of 18ct pink gold. The most elegant dial is engraved with hour and minute in bold color.

The hard glass is scratch proof. The watch in total is shock proof, weather and water proof. On the top of it, it has the proof of quality from the ‘Vacheron’ and backed by their huge experience of more than two and half centuries! It is available with alligator strap that is known for its strength and so, the beauty firmly sits on your wrist.