Various Leg Stretches For Leg Flexibility

Leg Stretches Some people have a natural flexibility in their bodies. They can easily bend forward and touch their toes or they can bend backwards in the bridge pose without much effort. But some of you may not be so lucky! No need to despair, you can make your body supple by following some stretching exercises to make your muscles more flexible.

Stretching exercises help to improve flexibility and range of motion. Target your lower back muscles and leg muscles to make your legs more flexible. But it will not happen overnight, patience, practise and perseverance is required to make your body supple. To avoid boredom from repeating same exercises every day, you can mix up stretching techniques of Yoga, Pilates and other form of exercises to keep you going.

Various Leg Stretches For Leg Flexibility

Lower Back Stretch

You should start by improving flexibility in your lower back for more flexible legs. It helps to prevent muscle strain and internal injuries; it also helps you to bend forward more comfortably in a standing position.

Sit straight on a mat with your legs stretched in the front. Raise your arms and bend forward, try to touch your toes with hands without straining your back. You should feel a gentle pull in your lower back muscles and in your thighs. Bend as much as you comfortably can, hold the breath for 5 seconds and come back to starting position. Repeat to complete 8-10 rounds in one session to make your legs flexible.

Hamstring Stretch

Leg Stretches

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Lie down on your back on a yoga mat. Breathe in and lift your left leg at 90 degree angle. Raise your leg as high as you comfortably can without straining your knee or back. Hold the position for 8-10 seconds. Keep the other leg placed firmly on the floor. Lower the leg and repeat with right leg.

You can hold the leg with your arms for support in the beginning till you are able to keep the leg stable. You may use a yoga strap and wrap it around the arch of your foot for more comfort and to maintain proper posture. Once you are comfortable doing this exercise with one leg at a time, lift both the legs together to improve flexibility in hamstring muscles.

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Thigh Muscle Stretch

Stand straight with your feet close together. Fold your right leg and hold the foot with your right hand, bring the toe close to the back of your thigh. Your foot should touch your butt, beginners should take it easy. You will feel a pull in your thigh muscles, hold the pose for 5 seconds, come back to starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do 5 rounds with each leg to improve flexibility. Maintain an erect posture and do not bend your waist or neck for complete benefit.

You can do this exercise near a table or a wall for support to avoid a fall. Thigh muscle stretch exercise improves balance and it strengthens the leg muscles to increase the range of motion.

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