Various Symptoms Of Candida Infection

Various Symptoms Of Candida Infection Candida or Candida albicans is a type of yeast that is found in the intestinal track, in mouth, in genital parts like vagina and anus, and dermis of skin. Presence of this yeast in body is not worrisome until it starts growing rapidly.An overgrowth of this yeast causes infection which is referred to as Candidiasis.  This infection may affect skin, the vaginal skin, the penis, the inside of the mouth. This infection is more commonly referred as “thrush”.

Though this yeast is present in the body, it is mostly likely to attack the person when his/her body is in vulnerable condition. Say a person suffering from diabetes in that case his chances of catching this disease increase tremendously.

What Causes Candida Infection?

Many people are unaware that what causes Candida infection. Steer clear of any misunderstanding that you can “catch” this infection. As said earlier this opportunistic yeast is waiting for a weak moment to infect your body. A few things that can cause Candida are overdose of medicines, and also if a person is already suffering from deadly disease like cancer or AIDS he/she is most likely to develop this infection, in some cases where the person is obese or pregnant stands at risk of being infected by this yeast.

This yeast has an ability to travel all over the body and cause problems at different parts of body. Body exhibits different symptoms depending upon the body part affected.To avoid infecting by this yeast and get a timely treatment, it is better to know what symptoms of Candida infection are.A few are listed below:

Candida Infection And Nervous System

If you suffer from constant headaches or something as severe as migraine, with mood swings or you find yourself increasingly snappy and it gets difficult to concentrate, Fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor memory are likely to be caused by Candida yeast.  If you are experiencing most of them  you might want to get yourself tested for this infection. What happens when Candida yeast attacks digestive system?

Candida Infection And Nervous System

Candida yeast can severely disturb your digestive system. If you have a bloated feeling or you develop food allergies, you suffer from irritable bowel or you are highly constipated or you have diahheroa in either of these conditions it could be Candida working overtime.  A few others also complain about heartburn, gas and cravings for alcohol. A little control over diet and mild medication can relieve you.

What Symptoms Do Candida Infection Shows When It Appears On Genital Parts?

Reoccurring bladder infections, burning or itching in and around vaginal area, thrush, thick cheese like discharge from vagina, loss of sexual appetite are few symptoms of Candida yeast can exhibit on private parts. In some extreme conditions it can cause infertility in women.

Do not be embarrassed to visit you doctor as and when you develop yeast infection, proper and timely treatment can relieve you of these symptoms.

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How Does Candida Affect General Health In Humans?

There are few issues that you would need to deal with if you get infected with Candida.  It might show common cold like symptoms like congested nose, throat that is sore, shortness of breath or wheezing.  Asthma, erratic vision, eyes that burn or water, ear infections and in few cases deafness can be caused by this infection.

Candida infection can severely affect the skin causing psoriasis, eczema, rashes, acne, itching, fungal nail conditions etc.Dizziness, fibromyalgia, lupus and a weak immune system are likely to be caused by Candida.

Candida And Male Fertility

Candida is said to be one of the leading cause of male impotence. Diseases like prostatitis where you experience an inflammation of prostate gland, is caused by this yeast. This condition can develop at a very slow speed or suddenly.

Men who are infected lose libido, a few others suffer from erectile dysfunction. Both are symptoms of yeast infection.

These are few indications that you could be infected by this infection. As most of them clash with other generic diseases, it takes a while to understand that you are actually been attack by Candida yeast.