Visual Symptoms Of AIDS

Visual Symptoms Of AIDS AIDS or Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is a dreaded form of viral infection. One of the incurable diseases that medical science is yet to unravel; AIDS expresses itself physically long after the infection gets manifested in various systems of the body. 

Some Visual Symptoms Of AIDS

Symptoms as Seen in the Early Stages

In its initial stages of infection, there are no prominent physical expressions of the disease. Victims however might start to exhibit flu-like symptoms between two to four weeks following the onset of the infection. These initial symptoms of HIV infection are referred to as ARS or ‘acute retroviral syndrome’. The symptoms include swollen nodes of the lymph, rashes, fever, sore throat and headache.

sore throat

Physical Symptoms at Late Stages

As time passes, the virus multiplies within the body and attacks the immune system. As the immune system of the body weakens, patients start to show chronic symptoms of various diseases. The visual symptoms of AIDS at a later stage include continuous inflamed condition of the lymph nodes accompanied with unexplained loss of weight and appetite. Patients will suffer from diarrhea, bouts of fever, cold and cough and will find trouble in breathing.

Physical Symptoms at Late Stages

Final Stages of HIV

Identifying the physical symptoms of AIDS is very difficult. People have been known to survive nine years of symptom free HIV infection. The final stages of the infection start at the end of ten years from the onset of the infection. By this time, the damage done to the body’s immune system is severe and the person suffers from multiple symptoms of severe infections. The symptoms that appeared in the earlier stages will start to manifest themselves with lesions developing inside the mouth accompanied with unexplained loss of weight despite nutritional diet. The other symptoms that accompany the final stages are unexplained night sweats and chills, bouts of fever extending for weeks and then suddenly receding, breathing problems, sudden bouts of cold and cough, blurred vision etc.

breathing problems

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Symptoms Seen in Children

Children suffering from HIV infection will start to suffer from occasional symptoms of ear infection. Severe infections of the tonsil and pneumonia are other symptoms observed in children suffering from HIV. Like in adults, the child will fail to gain weight, will show abnormality in their development, have difficulty in walking and might suffer from vision impairment. The physical symptoms of HIV cannot be identified till the infection reaches its final stages. Moreover, in the final stages of infection, the patient starts to show chronic symptoms of other infections that now attack the weakened immune system of the body.

Symptoms Seen in Children

Many a times, these symptoms are misread and it is only after a blood test gets conducted that the infection is confirmed. Therefore the visual symptoms of AIDS cannot be relied upon alone for identification of the disease. Many infected persons have led a normal life for years with the infection. Testing at the first stages of weakened immunity is necessary to ensure proper care and delimit the spread of the disease.