Watch Out For Stylish Luxury Watches From Various Leading Brands

High-end luxury watches are one of the most desirable possessions for everyone. They not only add that extra zing to a person’s charisma but also make them feel class apart. When we talk about luxury watches, one name definitely come into one’s mind which is none other than Rolex.

It is true that Rolex as a prestigious brand name has a particular niche in manufacturing classic luxury watches, that are true timeless possession to have but there are a number of other popular brands like Tissot, Gucci, Tag Heuer, and Omega etc.

which manufacture high-end luxury watches that make ultimate fashion statement. Let us have a look at all these luxury brands and know about their most sellable models.

Trendy Time Pieces From Tissot

Over the past century this luxury brand has managed to crave a distinctive market among other watchmakers worldwide. Its versatility has made them a hot favorite for sport persons, young men and women. Made out of finest material, Tissot watches suits every possible need of today’s generation both performance and look wise. It is the first of its kind brand which manufacture watches from plastic, wood, rock and mother- of- pearl.

This luxurious Swiss brand is well known for its contemporary designs which have a right blend of elegance and bold appeal. This is also the first brand to introduce tactile touch technology or T- technology which makes the watches touch sensitive. Its advanced features like barometer and compass, bold dial design along with world class craftsmanship make this brand the world’s largest watch producer of finest Swiss watches .

Tissot T-Sport T-Tracx Men's Chronograph Watch

Some of the leading models of this brand are Tissot T-Sport T-Tracx Men’s Chronograph Watch, Tissot Men’s T-Sport V8 Black Strap Chronograph Watch, Tissot T-Touch Men’s Strap Chronograph Watch, Tissot T-Trend Quadrato Men’s Rubber Strap Watch, Tissot Men’s PRS516 Stainless Steel Swiss Automatic Chronograph Watch. More over these watches are very affordable than other luxury brands in this segment.

Elegant Time Pieces From Gucci

Gucci watches have the right blend of meticulousness and style to complement an affluent look. Gucci’s luxury watches are made up of various materials like stainless steel, silver, and gold studded with precious or semi precious stones.

Gucci G men’s chrono quartz

These watches are designed for both the sexes. Some of the best selling models are Gucci Signoria silver and gold tone models for women, Gucci G men’s chrono quartz, Men’s leather Gucci watch, Vintage Gucci men’s watch and Black diamond watch etc.

Luxury Watches Tag Heuer

As one of the four leading luxury watch manufacturers of the world, Tag Heuer has maintained its 150 year old reputation of finest Swiss craftsmanship. Its mesmerizing designs and unmatched technological assemblage makes it a perfect choice for all. Especially its luxurious sports watches and chronographs are quite enviable to have.

tag heuer watches

Their other ranges like casual, dress and fashion watches are equally adorable. Tag’s legendary Carerras and Monaco gent’s series are all time hits along with Silverstone series. Luxury watch segment Tag Heuer is a true value for money brand, which is praised by both men and women all over the world.

Opulent Time Pieces From Omega

Omega, the name itself signifies luxury. Its exclusive Co-Axial caliber range is the best series produced ever which redefined mechanical watch movement in the world. Its constellation Luxury edition creates magic with diamonds to bring the feeling of uncompromising luxury and glamour.

omega luxury watches

The dial of constellation range displays dramatic supernova structure studded with dazzling diamonds of 7.60, 8.94 and 9.06 carat range that vary with the size of dials. Its Speedmaster and Seamaster are other popular luxury watch ranges. Likewise Omega’s Ladymatic wristwatch range is designed for 21st century women that showcase exclusive designs along with right amount of feminine grace.

Rolex, the Unmatched King of Luxury Watch Segment

This is the most familiar name in luxurious watch segment which has a worldwide presence. It is the most trusted name that gives unmatched designer timepieces with a lifetime guarantee. The magnificent classic designs could make one stand out in the crowd.

Rolex luxury watches

Rolex’s men and women watch ranges are made from finest quality gold, silver, platinum and diamond like materials. Attractive and bold colors of dial with scratch proof Cerachrom bezel base are unique qualities of Rolex. Datejust is the most popular model of Rolex which come under the Oyster’s perpetual line. It has a sportier look with professional stroke.

Some of the most popular Datejust models come under stainless steel and two tone dressier versions which have the assemblage of 18 carat gold links. Other than this, Rolex’s vintage models such as pre-sapphire range are prized possession.