Ways On How To Woo A Woman

What can be better for a guy than actually getting the girl of his dreams? Every man who ever surrendered his heart over to a woman has wished for that femme fatale to give her heart to him in return. Most of the men are ready to go to any extent undeterred to win the woman who drove them crazy.

How To Woo A Woman

But obviously the skewed sex ratio has increased the competition among men, bringing women in a position where they can be really picky about the man they would want to date. In such a complex scenario, poor men at times either lose out on their sweethearts or learn to get contented with what they end up with. To assuage the plight to such men, mentioned below are some tips on how they can charm the gal they are fond of.

Tips To Woo A Woman

Be Sure Of Your Feelings

The first thing that you got to be sure of is your feelings for that gal. It is very natural for men to fall for a beautiful face, but until and unless you are absolutely sure that you want that girl, don’t pursue her. It will only burn your own hands. Just try to brush her aside from your thoughts for a few days, if you succeed, it was never love. But in case she keeps hovering over your mind, just tell yourself, mate you are in love.

Think Before You Actually Make A Move

The moment you realise that you are actually feel for that gal, the next task for you is to be a little practical. It might sound a little weird but before you get down on your mission to get your gal, a little more of introspection is required for you to be sure that you are ready for a relationship, emotionally.

Strike A Conversation Casually

This is where the actual work starts from after a basic home work. The first time you try and talk to the girl, you should be as casual as possible. Never hit on her on the first move. Do not compliment her on her looks or dress or anything at all.

How To Woo A Woman

This can give a disastrously wrong signal to her. Prefer to talk to her when she is with friends or in a group. This will make her comfortable in talking to you.

Befriend Her Friends

This is the easiest and the most tried and tested method of sneaking into the woman’s friend circle. Extend your warm advances of friendship to her friends. Do not flirt with the female friends in her group. Hang out with the group, spend time with her and become her acquaintance. After this, you can casually notice her more regarding her mannerisms, lifestyle and nature. But remember never ever to let her know about your prying eyes.

Become Her Friend

After you become an acquaintance, slowly climb up the ladder to be her friend. Add her on facebook and casually take her phone number. Do not ping or message for a few days initially. When she starts to be more comfortable with you, take baby steps by sending a few forwards once in a while. But never ping her more than what is necessary.

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Know The Gal In And Out

After you are friends with her, it is important for you to gather as much insight as possible about the girl who charmed you. The first and foremost piece of information to be secured is about her relationship status. If you find out that your girl is booked at a later stage, it will be a very big heart ache for you. Also know about her opinions on love, relationship and other romantic matters.

Start Giving Cute Signals

If you reach a positive conclusion in your research about the gal’s views on love and relationship, begin to drop subtle hints. Start to give her a little more attention than others in the group.

How To Woo A Woman

Seek her opinion on things and let her know she is important for you. Girls really enjoy slight signals even if they don’t show it.

Read Her Responses

When you start to drop little hints, you would most probably be able to gauge her response to it. If she blushes when you drop subtle hints, if she starts to be a little more concerned about what she looks like and what she says in your presence or if she generally enjoys your special attention then it is a reason enough for you to be happy. But in case she is either passive or uncomfortable when you express your keenness in her, it’s time for you to do some diagnosis of the situation.

Reaching Culmination

In case the girl seems unresponsive or disinterested, there can be three reasons for it. First, she is genuinely not interested; second, she is waiting for more signs. The third reason is a little bad scenario; the girl herself does not know about her feelings. You can know if she is actually disinterested by mellowing down your advances a little. If the gal doesn’t care it means she never did. But in both the latter cases it would evoke some sort of a reaction from her. That would be your lead.

Take The Final Shot

If you see some reaction, such as she noticing you to find out if you are noticing her, she seeking your attention or just not being herself; that is the time for you to take the lead. Hit the hammer right on the nail. It is most likely to yield a result. Express your feelings and take her by surprise. Such a sudden proposal is certain to evoke the true reaction out of her.

She will most probably break down in your arms. These were a few simple steps for you. Follow them right and find the way to the heart of your girl. True feelings never go in vain. If you truly feel for a girl and you know she is the one for you, don’t wait. Simply take over and win her.