Ways To Get Your Wife Want Sex

Sex is an essential part of a marriage and every man looks forward to a happy and satisfying conjugal life with his wife. Without sex a marriage may become difficult and various complications may arise as physical needs and desires are our primary essential wants that should be fulfilled.

A number of reasons may be responsible if your wife doesn’t want sex or doesn’t feel interested or inclined towards sexual satisfaction. You should remember that putting pressure or hurrying on your part will not ease the situation but only make it worse. It’s very much understandable the kind of frustration a husband may face if his wife is unwilling to have sex but it is only you who can change the situation favorably.

You have to understand that there is a problem which needs to be addressed and the most important thing is that you have to show love and empathy towards your wife. In many cases the problem might be just psychological which can get better or worse depending upon how you deal with your wife regarding the problem.

Reasons For Which your wife May not be Interested in Sex

There may be various reasons for which your wife may not be interested to have sex. You have to also understand how frequently you want to have sex with her. If she returns home tired and exhausted and you want to have sex daily then it isn’t fair to say that she is not interested in having sex.

A marriage has its ups and downs and women have a tendency to brood upon the negative things that their husband has said or done to them and may equate the same to marrying the wrong man. For women sex comes much more from the emotional corner and if their emotions are not satisfied nothing can make them get into the mood for sex.

It is also important for you to understand what kind of image and the level of respect you hold in front of your wife. If you are ill-mannered, impolite or crude then also she may not feel like giving herself to you. However, there may be some cases of genuine problems as well for which the woman may not be interested in sex and consulting an expert or a sexologist will be a good idea to find a solution.

Make your Wife Want Sex

Ways to Make your Wife Want Sex

Things are not so gloomy for men as there are several ways in which such problems can be solved and both the partners can enjoy a very happy and satisfactory conjugal life.

Men just need to learn the proper tricks! You have to first assure her that you love her as an individual and sex isn’t the main interest. It’s very essential to communicate; you need to find out what is bothering her and understand her side of the story. Once you get to know her problem you will be in a better position to handle the situation in a more practical and logical manner.

Women love cuddling; cuddle her more often which will make her feel loved and gradually the cuddling can turn into a foreplay eventually initiating sex from her side! Groping for her genitals and breast will only disappoint her and will not make her in any way inclined towards sex. Hurrying into the sexual act will make your wife hate sex forever. Rather you should indulge more into foreplay and arouse her which will prepare her body to crave for sex.

Make her laugh, feel desired and show the respect she deserves. Be the man she can respect back and fulfill her wildest fantasies. Offer to give her a good massage when she is tired or just give a tight hug or a kiss when you actually feel like groping for her genitals. Give her time and space by helping her in household chores and sharing responsibilities and in no time you will find your wife wanting sex like never before!