Ways To Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Ways To Give Her Multiple Orgasms An orgasm is the peak or climax of sexual pleasure when you feel the ultimate bliss. Orgasm can be experienced by men and women alike and sometimes even multiple orgasms can be enjoyed during a sexual encounter.

The objective of sex is procreation and also to achieve pleasure, excitement and sexual bliss. Sometimes couples may be doing sex and also enjoying the activity but for some reason one of them or even both may not experience orgasm.If we try to understand orgasm from the affective point of view then it is an extremely blissful situation when you experience sexual pleasure in its most heightened form.

Technically orgasm is triggered by contraction of muscles in the lower pelvic area where the genitals rich with sensitive nerve endings are situated. Such spasms result in extreme stimulation of the most sexually sensitive areas which eventually lead to an orgasm.

How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Gender Differences In Experiencing An Orgasm

Gender Differences In Experiencing An Orgasm During an orgasm a series of expansions and contractions take place in the genital area for both men and women. It is believed that men can achieve an orgasm much faster than women as the fairer sex takes longer time to get aroused. But if women are given proper stimulation they can achieve multiple orgasms as well which most males are unable to achieve. All depends on the expertise of the male partner as sex itself is an artistic skill.

Females can be given a vaginal or a clitoral orgasm through stimulation of the organs. Nipples and breasts may also play a role in achieving an orgasm depending on how well they are stimulated.

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Techniques of Giving her Multiple Orgasms

If you have mastered the art of giving an orgasm and even multiple orgasms to your partner then you have surely achieved proficiency in giving the best sexual pleasures. Every woman is unique and so are their needs and desires. Never make the mistake of generalizing a woman’s needs according to the assumed norm. This can be very disastrous to your relationship with your woman. It is very much necessary that you discover yourself through sexual intimacy and communication the kind of sexual pleasures your woman is looking for.If you are confident that you can make her go crazy with the innumerable pleasures and fantasies you have in store for her then make her feel comfortable by building trust in her heart for you. Let her also become curious to know the ways in which you can make her feel most satisfied.

Techniques of Giving her Multiple Orgasms To give multiple orgasms first learn how to give a successful orgasm to your lady. The clitoris and vagina are the most sensitive areas where your woman will get the best pleasures. Discover the ‘G’ spot where proper stimulation can ensure an orgasm. Knowing your woman will give you an idea regarding the other sensitive areas on her body like the breasts, nipples, belly, thighs and so on which she especially loves to be caressed and therefore gets excited much earlier than usual.

Discover the ‘G’ spot Creating the right ambience is essential to set the romance so that it’s easier to make the adrenalin rush. Make your woman feel loved and never forget to spend time in doing foreplay. Foreplay is most essential for multiple orgasms as a woman needs the proper stimulation and arousal to reach the orgasm point.