Ways To Keep Your Married Sex Life Fresh

Married Sex Life Fresh I know there is an adventurer in all of us who lies dormant for the most part. Surfacing once in a blue moon, this adventurer would do the most bizarre things, unmindful of what anyone would say about his/her actions.

And most of the times the individual in question would realize that even though his/her act might have been downright crazy, he/she would have enjoyed it to the core and felt completely rejuvenated by the entire incident.

Now what has an adventurer got to do with sex you may ask. Plenty! Allow me to explain. With time, sex can become tiring, boring and downright disinteresting, especially if you tend to follow the same practice of sleeping in the bedroom day after day.

This is when the adventurer in you would come up with scintillating ideas to revive that lost magic in your sex life. With newer ideas, methods and places, this adventurer would make sure that your sex drive is up and running before you know it.

Even though there are no dearth to the number of ideas and methods you can follow when it comes to having sex with your spouse, the places that are permissible for the same are less and usually ignored.

Well, here are some of those ‘not considered before’ areas in your house that could make you rev up your sex life and ask for more.

Ways To Keep Your Married Sex Life Fresh

The Quintessential Bathtub

Watch plenty of those movies where the actors make out in the bath tub and you know what I am talking about here. The bathtub is one of the best places for you to have sex with your spouse.

A mixture of floral fragrance; rose petals in the water, a few lit candles, some champagne, and some oil for a scintillating massage before you spruce up your act. What more could you want for an exciting sex session?

What’s Cooking in the Kitchen?

Apparently many individuals feel that the kitchen is more than a just an area for cooking dishes. With handy counters, serving tables and of course the sink to get wet, there are plenty of places for you to canoodle and heat things up (ignore the oven though).

And what better way to enjoy sex than making out while cooking your favorite dishes. Just make sure that the dishes don’t get burnt though!

The Balcony

If you have a private balcony you know would be safe from prying eyes, you can opt for a steamy session of love making under the stars. Of course, the enjoyment doubles if it starts raining.

For nothing is hotter than making out in the rain, under the dark night sky with nothing but the moon to give you company. Take along a mattress and some blankets for extra comfort.

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The Sky is Yours to Command Here

Of course if you want to get into the complete mood of things, you can always head up to the terrace and give your spouse a grand 360 degree view of the beautiful night sky. Couple it with some blankets and a bottle of wine and your night is set.

Make Good Use of the Elevator

Now I know that the elevator would not essentially be a place inside the house. But if you happen to live in a multi storey apartment, then you could the elevator to good use.

Either make the elevator skip all floors (you can do that with proper close door button coordination) or stop it midway with the help of the ‘stop’ button.

This gives you some time to get going before the elevator starts moving again. If you happen to get stuck in an elevator with your spouse during a power cut, take it as a sign from the gods and have the time of your life (provided you are alone in the lift with your spouse).