Ways To Prevent A Yeast Infection

Ways To Prevent A Yeast Infection Also called as Candidiasis or Thrush, Yeast infection is a condition that is fairly common in women, but not completely restricted to them alone. Caused by a bacterial imbalance which causes the yeast present in the body to multiply and grow out of control, yeast infection is known to affect a good number of men as well. The symptoms arising from the infection would be similar for both men and women and would include itching, irritation, redness, swelling, digestion problems, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, irritability and mood swings etc.

Preventing a yeast infection from occurring is akin to treating it in the initial stages itself. Knowing how to take care of yourself at this stage would enable you to treat a yeast infection successfully in addition to preventing recurring infections. So follow these tips to stay safe from yeast infection and its annoying symptoms.

Ways To Prevent A Yeast Infection

Change Your Diet

Some men would not even realize they have a yeast infection until they start consuming more foods that contain starch, sugars or carbohydrates. The bacteria that cause the infection thrive on these substances and so would demand to be fed regularly. They would prompt the body to consume foods that contain these substances in large quantities and the individual in question would simply start digging into foods without even realizing it.

foods that contain starch, sugars or carbohydrates

If you suspect an impending yeast infection, cut down considerably on foods that contain yeast, added sugars or carbs. This would mean cutting down on foods like sweets, breads, pasta, beer and alcohol etc. Doing this would stop the bacteria from multiplying and curb a possible infection.

Resort To Natural Remedies For prevention

Adding organic coconut oil (the cold-pressed variety) to your diet is one of the best ways to prevent yeast infections (3 spoons a day should do the trick). Loaded with a powerful antifungal substance called caprylic acid, organic coconut oil would directly act on the infection causing bacteria and kill it, thereby preventing infections.Yeast infections can also be caused by a sluggish body metabolism. In this case, it is considered wise to add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to the foods that you cook. The pepper would boost body metabolism and improve blood circulation, thereby preventing the bacteria from multiplying.


Garlic contains an antifungal substance called allicin which acts on and destroys the Candida Albicans bacteria that causes yeast infections in addition to getting rid of a number of other harmful pathogens from the body. You can either add garlic to the foods that you cook or opt for garlic supplements to successfully keep yeast infections at bay.

Yogurt can actually get rid of a yeast infection in addition to preventing recurrences. So make it a point to eat at least one cup of yogurt every day to ward off nasty yeast infections.

Check Your Underwear

If you suffer from recurring yeast infections, check your underwear. If you usually wear Lycra or Nylon underwear, chances are your private regions may not get enough air and so can become potential breeding grounds for the yeast bacteria.

Opt for cotton underwear (the unbleached and undyed variety) that is both airy and comfortable. Don’t wear tight underwear as it could trap moisture and cause infection. Wash your underwear regularly. If you have a yeast infection, soak the underwear in hot water (boiling) to kill the bacteria that might have attached to it. Alternatively, you can wash your underwear in cold water, dry it properly and then iron it to kill the yeast bacteria.

Avoid Getting In Close Contact With Chemicals

Certain chemicals usually found in the clothes we wear or the products that we use on a daily basis can cause yeast infections. Substances found in perfumes, inks, soaps, detergents, perfumed gels/powders/creams, bath salts, bubble baths, lubricants (petroleum based), fabric softeners, and dyes etc. can cause yeast infections in certain cases.

The best way to stay safe in this case would be to avoid chemical based products and opt for eco branded products that safe to use. You can also opt for fragrance free products after testing them properly beforehand. Accordingly, if you develop an infection after using a particular product, change it immediately. Check for that one product that seems to settle down on your body without triggering the yeast bacteria and stick to it no matter what!

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Drying Your Body After A Bath Or Bowel Movement

The yeast bacterium is usually prevalent near the anal region. So wiping from back to front can cause the bacteria to move to the groin and cause an infection there. The best way to avoid this is to always wipe from front to back after a bath or bowel movement. And make sure you dry off the rest of your body before drying the groin and other private areas. This way you can prevent the yeast bacteria from traveling to other parts of the body where it can cause infections.

Keep A Check On Your Antibiotics

Antibiotics are generally used to rid our body off bad bacteria and pathogens. However, prolonged use of the same can actually kill the good bacteria as well, making the body more vulnerable to infections like Candida in the process.

Keep A Check On Your Antibiotics

While some individuals tend to get a yeast infection only with regular use of antibiotics, others can contract the infection as soon as they start using antibiotics. Whatever be the case, it is considered necessary to keep a check on the amount of antibiotics you take and stop using any antibiotic that seems to cause an infection every time you take it.

Beware Of Sex

One of the most common ways of transmission of the yeast bacteria from one body to the other is unprotected sex. In most cases, the infection seems to spread from one sexual partner to the other without even realizing. And it is not uncommon to note that if an individual has a yeast infection and is sexually active, his/her partner would most likely have the infection as well.

If you or your sexual partner has a yeast infection, get it treated first before having sex. Safe sex cannot restrict the yeast bacteria for long and sooner or later, the bacteria would find other ways to move from one body to the other. So stay away from each other until you are completely cured.

Hormonal Treatments Can Cause Infections

In certain cases, the hormones produced in the body can trigger off a yeast infection. These hormones can be natural or can be artificially induced via pills or treatments. In either case, they can potentially cause recurring yeast infections that can be hard to treat. For instance, certain steroids used to treat arthritis, lupus, asthma etc. can cause yeast infections in individuals.

If you seem to get a yeast infection after every hormonal treatment, have a chat with your doctor to find out other ways you can get treated for the condition without triggering the yeast bacteria in the body.