Wearing A Simple And Casual – Tips For Men

Wearing A Simple And Casual - Tips For Men Fashion changes day by day and now even every day fashion is changing. In the world of globalization fashion is inspired by the fashion crazy western countries.But the simple and casual wear is always a first choice of Men, because the causal dressing is acceptable every where even men can wear casual dressing in office or at home also for outing and travelling that’s why the causal wear is first choice of men and not many men know that in a casual wear men can portrait their physic in the sense men can show their original personality in casual dress and the originality is always beautiful.

Now, we will discuss about some of the causal wear.

Casual Fashion Tips for Men


T-shirt is the basic choice for causal wear. but wearing a T-shirt which shades makes all difference.  If you have dark complexion then choose light colour T-shirt such a off-white, light blue, light yellow etc.


If you have white complexion then wear dark T-shirt this will suit your personality and this contrast will make your appearance more presentable and one more tips is that if you have a good height then round neck T-shirt will suit on you and if you have average height then V-neck T-shirt will suit you. However, polo T-shirt are also there but generally its suit on men with good physic only. So choose your T-shirt wisely.

Shirts With Trouser/Blazers With Trouser

One can wear shirt with trouser, but wearing half sleeves shirt will change your personality and now-a-days tight trouser are also hit among the men, one can try light blue shirt with light brown trouser which is hit among the men. Blazer with trouser will improve your dressing and also appearance  but to wear contrast trouser will definitely looks good. One must try this dressing in party occasion.



Surely every one likes blue jeans as that suits under every T-shirt, one can choose tight jean or low-vest jeans also and  six-pocket jeans, cargo jeans or many more but simple jeans is good option to wear, if you have many blue jeans then you may try black jean or cream jean also.

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The most demanding wear among the youngster is Jacket as they likes it very much. There are many jacket such as leather jacket, jean jacket,sports jacket, Jeans with T-shirt and wearing a leather jacket makes every one younger. But, jacket are to be worn in winter only, obviously not, now-a-days thin jackets are also available so one can wear it in ever seasons.

Foot Wears

Foot Wears

There are many types of foot wear leather/ sport or canvass but depends upon  dress which you wears, in shirt and pants/trouser, leather foot wear will match and in T-shirt and jeans, sports foot wears off, canvass will suit, but do not forget to try sandals it will certainly looks good, black sandal is very much popular but you can also try some light colour such as cream colour.


Black colour belts are very common and also that suits on every dressing, but now-a-day, decorative belts are also becoming popular, one can try this if got bored with leather belts.