Yoga For Weight Loss

Overweight and obesity causes adverse health effects, when ignored or showed indifference towards it.  Heredity, undesirable food habits, sedentary life styles, stressors are some of the major contributors for the accumulation of fat in the body. This obesity problem has to be immediately dealt with.

Otherwise the concerned person may have to face major adversities in both his physical as well as the mental health issues. Modernization can be quoted as the major cause for many health hazards in these days.  Because the modernized equipments enables the people to get all the work done without any sort of physical effort.

Before the advent of these machines and the equipments, people had to exert themselves to meet out all their needs  starting from the minimum to the maximum. So that the life span was long and they were physically fit even in their older ages.

Benign Benefits Of Yoga

Aerobic exercises has its own health benefits  like  regulating the body metabolism, toning the muscles, increasing the oxygen supply to the body cells, reducing the excess cholestrol and so on. Whereas, yoga has multiplied health benefits in comparison to aerobics and other weight lifting exercises. Our internal body organs needs some sort of tonings and exercises.

A person who claims himself to be best in sports related activities need not necessarily have strong internal organs. Often we come across some shocking news that renowned sports personalities are getting affected by some dreadful diseases. Yoga strengthens the system from within. If the internal organs are in a healthier state then that reflects in the external fitness of the body.

Yoga For Weight Loss

In addition to weight management, yoga helps us to deal with stress effectively, to remove the emotional blocks, to gain confidence in ourselves. Yoga limbers up the body, so as to make it stronger to cope with the physical demands made upon it. Yoga rejuvenates the body without making us to feel the fatigue.

There has always been a misinterpretation that yoga is meant only for relaxing the mind and body. But, it does not help in burning the calories.  This interpretation cannot claim itself to be true. Because, Yoga does reduce weight even more effectively than the other sort of exercises.

Yoga tones up the muscles and thereby increases the body metabolism rate. While doing some poses like sarvangasana, the thyroid gland gets toned and gets adequate blood supply, which in turn helps in the efficient functioning of thyroid. This reduces the excessive food absorption of the body.

Stressful mind and depression are the major causes for the overeating habit of a person. While yoga acts actively on the mind and thereby reduces the stress related symptoms drastically. So, yoga blended with regulated food habits definitely helps in weight management and improves healthier life style.

Effective Yoga Styles For Weight Reduction

Certain yoga postures works very effectively to reduce the weight. Other than weight reduction it cures many impairments of the body.

Yoga Mudra

Yoga For Weight Loss

This pose helps to releave  constipation, effective for diabetic patients as it presses the abdomen, it prevents liver diseases, it reduces the fat belly.


This asana gives benign effects for diabetic patients, it reduces excess fat, it prevents dreadful diseases like cancer and jaundice, it strengthens the nerves as well.


This asana increases the will power, cures piles, deals effectively with gastric problems, while doing it regularly the shoulders and the wrists will get strengthened.


This asana cures asthma problems, cures sinus problems, strengthens the backbone, it is effective for diabetic patients.

Uthanapadha Asanam

This asana strengthens the digestive system, removes gastric problems, reduces fat belly and tones the  muscles in the abdomen.


Yoga For Weight Loss

This asana is an effective theraphy for many diseases. It regulates the functioning of Thyroid gland, it prevents the kidney problems, it prevents ENT problems, prevents hair fall, prevents infertility in both males and females, cures piles, helps in the efficient functioning of the liver, proves to be the excellent asana for weight reduction.


This asana increases the memory power, it prevents diabetes, it helps in retaining the youth and strengthens the nerves.


This asana has to be done after sarvangasanam. It helps in weight management, it strengthens the nervous system, it proves to be an effective remedy for insomnia.


Yoga For Weight Loss

This asana strengthens the immune system, it reduces the lower abdominal fat, cures asthma, it strengthens the cardio- vascular system.


This asana is exclusively meant for diabetic patients, it increases the flexibility of the back bone, it helps in the excretion of impurities in the digestive system, it strengthens the nervous system as well.


Finally all the asanas have to be ended up by doing Savasana, which is nothing but soothing the entire system and deep relaxation. All the above mentioned asanas are very effective in weight management and in increasing the metabolic rate of the body.  Yogasanas  accompanied with diet, proves to be the most powerful and safest remedy for obesity.